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  • September 01, 2014 08:58 AM
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Dear Mountaineer Fans:
I simply cannot put into words how important the last two years have been in making a good first impression with our new conference friends. This outpouring of respect, friendliness and hospitality did not go unnoticed by our Big 12 guests, as visiting fans have talked about how well they were greeted, invited to tailgates and made to feel welcome in Morgantown.
Aside from a personal thank you to Mountaineer Nation, I want to reach out and thank three groups that have helped lead the charge in helping visiting fans enjoy their visits to West Virginia. 
Rebecca Berger and the Gold & Blue Ambassadors made up of WVU faculty and staff volunteers have been a tremendous help, along with Tommy White and Sarah Bishop and the volunteers of the Goodwill City Ambassadors. I also don’t want to forget and thank Sabrina Cave and the various WVU student groups and organizations, who make up our High Five crews. The efforts of these three groups, as well as the efforts of our fans around the state, have made a difference.
As you may recall during the past two years, with new Big 12 fans coming to our great state for the first time, I said we were given a second chance to make a good first impression. I also said that this was our chance to change the negative stereotypes about our fan base and state. Mountaineer Nation responded in the true West Virginia way – we rolled up our sleeves and got to work and showed people what special places our University and state are. 
I feel certain, just like in the first two years, that our fans will continue to receive a friendly welcome when they travel to other Big 12 campuses. The conference fan base has embraced us with open arms and the move has been great for our department and University.  
We have the responsibility to put our University and our state in the best possible light and act responsibly at all of our athletic events. I love it when I hear comments or receive letters from visitors that they were extended a friendly hand, invited to join in on tailgates and were welcomed around the stadium. And with these compliments usually comes what we have known all along – that West Virginia is such a beautiful and friendly state.   

So, please continue to show our visiting guests that we proudly -- and loudly -- support our team, while welcoming them to our wonderful University, city and state.
With the help of the Gold & Blue Ambassadors, the Goodwill City Ambassadors and the High Five student organizations, every year, Mountaineer Nation needs to show our guests what we have known all along – nobody is friendlier, more spirited and hospitable than West Virginians.
Let's Go Mountaineers!

Oliver Luck
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics