Baseball Radio Broadcasts Available on AudioNow

  • By Grant Dovey
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  • April 04, 2014 12:33 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Starting tonight at TCU, West Virginia University baseball fans will be able to listen to the radio broadcasts through AudioNow.
This weekend, and for the rest of this season, WVU fans can dial 712.432.6998 and listen to live broadcasts on the Mountaineer Sports Network from IMG College.
In addition, fans can match and synchronize the radio broadcast with the telecast to listen to their favorite radio voice while watching the action on TV. By using two telephone keypad buttons, fans can adjust the timing of the radio call to match what they see on TV.
The call-to-listen phone number incurs no extra charge and is the equivalent of making a standard mobile call. As data costs continue to rise on mobile devices and unlimited voice plans continue to proliferate, radio-by-phone is emerging as one of the most affordable ways in the United States for listeners to connect to their favorite broadcasters when they are away from the radio, television and Internet.
Current Baseball Radio Affiliates:
Market Station Frequency
Beckley WMTD-FM 102.3
Charleston WJYP-AM 1330
Charleston WSCW-AM 1410
Clarksburg WPDX-FM 104.9
Cumberland, Md. WCBC-AM 1270
Morgantown WMMN-AM 920
Parkersburg WADC-AM 1050