Jay's Syracuse Keys

  • By Jay Jacobs
  • |
  • February 14, 2011 04:12 PM
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Here are MSN’ radio analyst Jay Jacob’s keys to tonight’s West Virginia-Syracuse game:

1. Don’t give up easy baskets. Syracuse is outstanding at finishing in transition and West Virginia has to be careful not to give Syracuse a lot of run outs with missed shots

2. West Virginia must have great patience attacking the 2-3 zone

3. The Mountaineers must handle the traps in the corners and wings out of the 2-3

4. And West Virginia must attack the zone from inside-out. The best way to beat the zone is to get the ball inside to the foul line or down along the baseline and then either attack from there or kick it back out for an open shot. West Virginia just can’t pass the ball out on the perimeter and expect to get good looks at the basket.

Jay’s Quick Observations:

- Syracuse is a well-balanced scoring team with four players averaging double figures

- West Virginia cannot come down on offense and shoot the ball quickly because that plays right into Syracuse’s hands

- Syracuse’s inside guys will try to block everything that comes their way. Pump fakes will be important tonight when West Virginia attacks the zone

- West Virginia is going to have to make some 3s because Jim Boeheim is not going to get out of the 2-3. I;m not sure the Mountaineers are going to make a lot of them, but they have to make enough to keep Syracuse honest defensively