Jay's Big East Bests

  • By Jay Jacobs
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  • March 07, 2011 04:53 PM
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The Big East regular season now complete, MSN’s Jay Jacobs has had an opportunity to see all 16 teams in conference play and today he unveils his Big East Bests for the 2010-11 season:

Best Scorer – Marshon Brooks, Providence

No. 1 he plays for a team that has struggled at times so he always has the green light, but he can create his own shot; he can get to the rim and get baskets for himself almost any time he wants to.

Best Shooter – Tim Abromaitis, Notre Dame and Preston Knowles, Louisville

I picked a tie here between Abromaitis of Notre Dame and Knowles of Louisville. Abromaitis has the range while Knowles can create his own shot and can shoot it. Abromaitis is a different kind of shooter who uses more screens, but both have terrific range and both have quick releases.

Best Rebounder – Rick Jackson, Syracuse

He’s strong, quick off his feet and he has the arm reach to secure the basketball. He also gets himself into good position to rebound the ball as well.

Best Playmaker – Ben Hasbrough, Notre Dame

He can create and get to the rim and he makes his teammates better because he has such good passing skills.

Best Defender - John Flowers, West Virginia

He has length and he guards everybody – he guards the best offensive player on the other team and it doesn’t matter if he’s a guard, a big guy or whoever, he’s done it all. Flowers did the best job all year of anybody against Brooks. He shut him down.

Best Environment – Pitt

They are close to the floor and the key is the students go all the way around and it’s such a great environment for a college basketball game.

Best Coach Coming Out of Timeouts – Rick Pitino, Louisville

Rick Pitino sees everything, can change right away if he sees the defense before the ball is put in play and can get adjusted real quickly. He puts his players into positions to score out of timeouts; Louisville is always getting shots – they are not throwing the ball backwards against the defense.