WVU Football Player Quotes

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  • August 13, 2013 02:00 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Members of the West Virginia University football team addressed the media Tuesday morning.

Junior Running Back Dreamius Smith

On the your comfort level with this offense

This is a great offense. I get used in different ways. We’re all diverse, and we can do any other position that they put us that, so whatever he tells me to do, I go and do it. I ran the same thing in junior college, so I came right in and went along with it. I’ve picked it up pretty fast. I’m starting to realize how fast the defense flows and starting to make better reads and reading keys inside out. I don’t second guess anything, just the first thing I see, I hit it and get down hill.

On the running back competition and defined roles

We’re just competing until the last day. We’re going to work hard every day in and out and whatever happens happens. I just know that each running back has the potential to play, and that’s what we’re all going to do.

On whether there are enough snaps for each player

We’ll leave that up to coach, but as of right now we are all going through practice and getting about the same amount of reps and just making the best plays we can when our opportunity is called.

On the chemistry with coach (JaJuan) Seider

He’s a great coach. He coaches the little things. He knows we can all run the ball, but he focuses on making sure we can block well and reading the defenses. He helps all of our reading even better than what we came in doing.

On situational work and the success of offense vs. defense

Offense has its days. We can always be better, and that’s what we are looking forward to. Defense is doing a great job of getting stops in the red zone when it really counts. All we have to do is keep looking forward and keep working hard, and it will all pay off.

Senior Linebacker Doug Rigg

On the linebacker position and having a two deep rotation

Coach (Keith) Patterson already said we have a plan right now, and it’s going to be pretty much a two deep at every single spot. Potentially, if some of the guys step up in camp, like the younger guys, then there might be a three deep, but basically we are trying to get a two deep at every position because of all the plays we play and how hard we are going to try to play this year.

On whether the two deep is a good or bad thing

It’s great for me. I’m getting old now. I’m not a freshman anymore, so I’m trying to get out there and play the snaps I play pretty hard. Some of those games last year, I felt like I was going to die after, so having a two deep and routine breaks throughout the game is going to help everybody.

On the competition level with some new guys at linebacker

I think a lot of people are stepping up. A lot of people are changing positions and all the four linebacker spots are interchangeable on the outside and inside. I think it makes us more versatile, seeing people go around and changing spots and picking it up. It’s really going to give the offense a different look with different guys in different spots. You’re trying to key in on one guy at one spot, and they’re in a different spot the next second, so it really helps our defense.

On his role on the team

My role doesn’t really change. I’m just the run-stopper guy. On first and second down, I try to get a negative-yards play and provide leadership out there.

On how the program has changed since his arrival as a freshman

There has been a dramatic change since I got here, but that’s what happens in college football—coaches change. Since I came as a freshman, pretty much every single coach has changed. That’s the nature of college football, and I’m still here, so I changed.

Sophomore Fullback Garrett Hope

On his position change from linebacker to fullback in the last week

It’s alright. I’m having a little fun on the other side of the ball and being able to carry the ball a little bit. During the spring, they approached me and come fall camp the defensive coaches let it happen, and I was okay with it. Coach (Shannon) Dawson approached me and asked me if I was okay with it.

On whether he played fullback before and anything he can fall back on

I played in the wildcat in high school. I played tight end in middle school as well, so that kind of helps, but that was a while back though.

On how the transition is going

It’s coming along well. I feel more comfortable than I did four days ago. Cody Clay helps me out a lot. I stand around by his side every practice and learn from what he does. I learn from my coach as well. I learn from Elijah Wellman as well, but I also help him on a few things. He’s been in it for a week and a half, and I’ve only been in it for four or five days. So that four or five days he has on me really helps out a lot.

Redshirt Junior Cornerback Ishmael Banks

On being a leader, but also competing for the spot

You have to leave it all on the table. Everyone wants to play, so you have to give it all that you got. You have to show the coaches, because if they don’t feel like you’re giving it all that you got then they are not going to let you play, so you give it everything you got.

On the competition level

It’s been back and forth, and everybody has been getting better so it’s about who is going to make the least amount of mistakes, less mental errors and just play downhill. Who is going to be the fastest, so that’s what it is coming down to.

On how the corners will be used in the nickel package

I’m sure we’re going to use a lot of safety, because we run a lot of blitzes on our nickel package too. It’s probably going to come out of the safety role instead of the corner role.

On the importance of starting

It would be great, because all I’ve been working for is winning and, this summer, is to be a starter. I’ve been working on getting faster, getting stronger and just being more tuned in every time.

Redshirt Freshman Offensive Lineman Tyler Orlosky

On bouncing between guard and center

Right now I am at the center spot for now. I was a guard in high school. I learned how to snap in high school. I made the move over to center in the spring. I was told they wanted me to move over to center, and it was the best chance I was going to have to get on the field, so that was what I was going to go with.

On the transition from guard to center

It’s been different. Anytime you are asked to play a different position, there is a transition period to go through, and I’m still going through that period. I’m learning the schemes, making the calls and getting snaps down.

On the process of snapping

It’s a work in progress. It’s tough, you have to focus on it, and the muscle memory needs to kick in. You do it a couple of times, and you have to realize that you can’t think about it, you just need to let your body take over and do it for you. I think I have a couple hundred more snaps to go before I get the muscle memory to kick in.

Sophomore Safety K.J. Dillon

On his feeling on the defense two weeks into camp

I feel like we’re making progress, but we still have a lot more work to get done. We still need to do better with getting lined up and play recognition and just finding guys to fit in spots.

On whether assignments have changed a lot from last season

It’s the same scheme, just a lot easier. It’s less complicated and easier to understand.

Redshirt Junior Cornerback Travis Bell

On his position change to corner

I kind of like it better, because I play faster at corner. I like everything about it. I just see it faster, it’s different from safety, and I feel like I’m more sound at corner than I am at safety.

On the thought process behind the move

It was the coaches’ idea. It was their move to move me to corner, and it was for the better of the team. It happened last spring, two days before spring game.

On what he took from the spring game

I’m always confident and the spring game didn’t really bend my confidence. I’m always motivated to do better and get myself better.

On sitting out last season

There was nothing I could do then. I did what I had to do. I was still a part of the team and still lost with the team. If I stay healthy, I know I’m going to do okay, because I am self motivated.

On his confidence in battling for this position with about five others

I’m confident. I play my butt off every day and every play, trying to get better in any kind of way. I’m working hard doing extra stuff. They do the same.

On how he prepared for the corner position

I watched them on film, I practiced with the corners and ran with the corners. Getting in shape and running more wasn’t one of my issues, because I kind of like running. Film really helped me. The biggest change is running all the time. You don’t run as much at safety as you do at corner, and at safety you probably hit more than at corner. Corner is more technique sound, so you have to be more patient because you kind of see everything. Corner is a quick game, and you have to know what you’re doing right then and there. I played corner a little bit in high school.

On different types of footwork at corner

You might have 25 different techniques, but as you said, I’m kind of bigger, so I kind of use my size as an advantage. I like to play all types of yardage on receivers just to get better.