Dana Holgorsen News Conference

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  • February 21, 2014 03:14 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia football head coach Dana Holgorsen addressed the media Friday afternoon, previewing the spring season.
Head Coach Dana Holgorsen
Want to get started just to catch everybody up with what our team has been up to.
It’s winter workouts. Strength and conditioning has been what their role has been about, as well as academics.
They come back from the holidays, and coaches are out on the road recruiting, so we don’t have a whole lot of contact with them for about three weeks in January. We turn them over to the strength and conditioning group, who has been doing a great job.
(Director, Strength and Conditioning) Mike (Joseph) and his staff all do a phenomenal job in the basement, utilizing the new facility, which has been great for us. The space up in the indoor practice facility, from an offseason point of view, has been tremendous.
We’ve had six good weeks of work. Obviously, the goal at this point in time is for these guys to get bigger, faster, stronger and healthy. I think we’ve accomplished that up to this point. We have one more week of that. In addition to that, we’ve had nine early morning sessions, which is a whole lot of fun for the coaching staff. We get the kids up early, kick them around a little bit, yell at them, scream at them, encourage them, motivate them and challenge them in every way possible.
We’ve had a lot of good work in the mornings, and we have a couple more of those sessions next week, as well.
We’ve been trying to get more into the football aspect of for the last three weeks. We’ve had about six sessions in the afternoon where we’re able to show film to them and get a little head start for spring ball.
We’ll have a couple more of those sessions next week. That will lead us into spring football. We will start Sunday, March 2 - that’s when we’re scheduled to start. This time of year, you’re curious if the weather is going to cooperate. It doesn’t like it’s going to, if the last couple of months has been any indication.
Sunday, March 2, that will be open to the media for the first 30 minutes. We will try to get three practices non-padded, helmets only and a lot of teaching each of those three days. We won’t care if the weather cooperates or not. We will have a schedule and stick to it.
That will lead us into spring break. Everyone will be gone for a week. When we come back, we’ll have four weeks - that’s the meat of the schedule.
We’ll have 12 practices during that time, all of which will be padded. Obviously, that will be the majority of the work that we’ll get into. The exact days may change, depending on the weather.
We’ve set four Saturday practices. There has been a little bit of talk on this. On Saturday, March 22, we’ll be going to Wheeling to hold a practice. On Saturday, March 29, we’ll have a practice
in Morgantown, and on Saturday, April 5, we’ll practice down in Charleston.
Then, on Saturday, April 12, we will have the spring game. All four of those practices will be open to the public. We want all of Mountaineer Nation to be able to come and watch the Mountaineers to see what we’re putting out there and see what the product is. I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised with what the product is going to be.
All the schemes are going to be relatively similar to what they were last year on all three sides of the ball. You always have to make some changes. You always have to evaluate what you did and what needs to be done better.  There will be differences on all three sides of the ball, but for the most part, it will look the same. Hopefully the outcomes will be a little bit better.
Based on having 70 scholarships guys right now, healthy and ready to roll for spring practice, we’re looking forward to being able to get out there and perform.
We wanted all of Mountaineer Nation to be able to get out there. I want you to come and support the team. Show your support to us, and we’ll show you all of the hard work we’ve been putting in for 2014, and hopefully we’ll make you guys proud of us.