Milan Puskar Center Makeover

  • By John Antonik
  • |
  • August 25, 2012 09:45 AM
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The Milan Puskar Center had a little makeover this summer and the end result will be a noticeable improvement to the complex.

West Virginia’s maintenance crew is still putting the finishing touches on a new staff conference area that is located where the Mountaineer Athletic Club offices used to be along the hallway leading to the Donald J. Brohard Hall of Traditions.

The room features a conference table that is large enough to accommodate Dana Holgorsen’s entire staff, as well as a 103-inch touchscreen television that adorns the wall.

In the past, the football staff had to meet in a much smaller conference room adjacent to where the defensive staff room used to be and when Holgorsen wanted to get everyone together (including the medical staff and support personnel) they had to do so in the cafeteria section of the team training table.

Now, with the new conference room becoming available, Holgorsen will have a first-class area to assemble his entire staff to review game plans, discuss team matters or to use for recruiting.

“Before when we met as a staff we didn’t really have the room to do so,” explained team video coordinator Brett Kelley. “Our old staff room used to be in the defensive staff room, so we were meeting back in the training table and now with the new conference table in there, we can all sit down and meet and talk to go over everything.”

Down the hall from the new staff conference area are the offices for Ryan Dorchester, coordinator of recruiting operations, and his staff. Holgorsen no longer has an offensive and defensive wing in the Puskar Center, choosing instead to mix the two staffs together.

Kelley said this new conference area will be utilized heavily for recruiting as well.

“They can bring kids in there and show them their recruiting film and say ‘this is what we saw on you’ and with the touchscreen technology they will be able show them specific highlights,” Kelley said.

Kelley also envisions the area being used by professional scouts on campus to evaluate Mountaineer prospects for the NFL draft.

Finishing work is almost completed and the glass doors for the area are scheduled to be installed soon.

“It’s kind of a little more of an intimate setting than in the team room,” Kelley said.