Gymnasts Master Skills Test Day

  • By Bethany Yurko
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  • September 19, 2012 02:55 PM
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The West Virginia University gymnastics team returned to Cary Gym this week for its first official practice of the 2013 season, and as junior Bethany Yurko writes, the Mountaineers are primed for an exciting and fun year.

Tumblers’ Tales will track the team throughout the fall, as each gymnast will take the time to write an update for Mountaineer Nation. Yurko, a Cumberland, Md., native, could barely contain her excitement while writing her entry, as she breathlessly detailed the team’s nerve-wracking skills test day. Back after seeing her first competitive action in 2012, Yurko looks to again provide depth to the vault lineup. The two-time Sally Medrick Award winner for Most Improved WVU Gymnast also hopes to break into the bars lineup this season.

Did all of the Mountaineers successfully pass their skills tests? Read on to find out…

The 2013 WVU gymnastics season in finally here! We gathered for the first day of the season on Friday, September 14th.

The first official day of practice was exciting. Assignments were posted, and no one wasted any time getting them done. The energy in Cary Gym was like no other. Everyone was so excited to be there and to finally kick off the season.

The most exciting part of Friday's practice was vaulting. All of my teammates chose to use Friday as their vault test day. About an hour into practice, the whole team went to vault together. We all did our stick and flips and sprints down the runway just like we do in competition. Each girl showed two vaults, and everyone did amazing! There wasn't one person not cheering in the gym. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging. It was definitely a major adrenaline rush. To sum it up, all the girls made their vaults with ease. I feel very confident that we will have a strong vaulting line up for the 2013 season. We definitely nailed vault!

The excitement of the first day did not stop once practice was over. It continued into the weekend, as a few of the girls traveled to the WVU football game at FedEx Field to watch the Mountaineers take on JMU. As we all already know, our football team killed it with a win!

The weekend gave the team some time to rest and prepare for Monday’s big skills test. We all practiced in a leotard and matching shorts, and we were split into two groups for the first two events – beam and uneven bars - and came together as a team to end the day on floor. My group started on bars. Everyone warmed up in her own special way and let the coaches know when she was ready to show them her skills. All the skills were taped, and it was like this for every event. Everyone passed and did such an amazing job! I am proud of each and every one of my teammates!

Probably the best part of practice was the choice of music. As sophomore Dayah Haley put it, we were listening to the “oldies.” The “oldies” consisted of Britney Spears, N'Sync, Spice Girls and other groups from that time. These were groups I grew up listening to in elementary school. It was definitely not considered the “oldies” to our coaches!

All together, it was just an awesome start to the 2013 season! I love all my teammates, and they put a smile on my face when I walk into the gym after having a rough day. I am super excited for this year! We have a long road in front of us, but we all know time flies. This team is going to do amazing things this year - there is no doubt about that!

Let’s Go Mountaineers!