Swimming Training Trip Blog

  • By Chase Williams
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  • January 05, 2013 03:20 PM
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Today was a daunting day to wake up to. On tap for the day was a four hour water practice for everybody followed by an hour of dryland work. Before practice there was a lot of anticipation about what we would be doing for the next four hours.

When we were told the main set everybody was excited but still a bit nervous; it was a long set of quality effort swims. The coaches added some extra motivation by giving everybody times to beat to get out of the next swim. The first half of the set went well, and everybody was swimming well.

We began the second half of the set with even more motivation; now if everybody in a lane made the first time the lane got to sit out the next three swims. The team got much louder on this half of the set and the energy helped many of us to swim faster than we thought we could today.

After five of the eight swims Vic (Riggs) had the team meeting and talked about the workout and where we stood as a team. Then he surprised everybody by letting us out of drylands.

Overall it was a very good day for the team. As a freshman, my first training camp has brought me much closer to my team and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time were spending together as a team.

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