Poolside with Bryce Bohman

  • By Jonathan Harkey
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  • October 17, 2013 04:06 PM
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This is the eighth of a season-long series that will feature updates on WVU swimming and diving alumni, as well as getting to know members of the current team.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Senior swimmer Bryce Bohman does not see his final season as a Mountaineer as an ending, but rather the beginning of his journey that leads to being a collegiate swimming coach.

The Moline, Ill., native returns this season as a leader on the men’s squad that has a lot of talent, but also a lot of youth.

“I definitely see myself as a leader,” said Bohman. “I want to lead the younger guys in and out of the pool, show them the ropes to the best of my ability and help build this team for the future.”

The multidisciplinary studies major also returns to a new conference in the Big 12 after redshirting last season. With tough competition facing the men’s team from Texas and TCU, Bohman believes that he and the team are ready for the challenge.

“It’s going to be tough, the Big East was an awesome experience, but this is a whole new ball game, “ said Bohman. “Texas and TCU are both very good competitors. We are going to do our best and we can hang with those guys.”

Entering his fifth year of college, Bohman also feels that he has mastered the difficult task of balancing student life and swimming life, which helped him earn Garrett Ford Academic Honor Roll, Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll and Dean’s List honors.

“Being in my fifth year of college I have time management down pretty well with balancing school and swimming,” said Bohman. “One of the keys to swimming is having good time management and structure so you can succeed in and out of the pool.”

Following his career as a Mountaineer swimmer, Bohman plans on swimming for the next two years before working towards his ultimate goal of being a collegiate swim coach.

“I’m planning on swimming until the 2016 Olympic Trials, then maybe seeking a graduate assistantship, then trying to work my way through the system as an assistant,” said Bohman.

Being a multidisciplinary studies major, Bohman chose three minors that he felt would best prepare him for his future career endeavors; which were athletic coaching education, communications studies and business administration.

“I feel that those three minors make up an ultimate coaching major,” said Bohman. “You have the business side of coaching, the communications and the athletic coaching minors work with that to prepare someone to be a collegiate coach.”

With all of the pieces in place for a successful season in the pool and in the classroom, Bohman is poised to strive for success in the pool now, and out of the pool in the future.

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