Conflict Resolution

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  • November 11, 2009 09:02 AM
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Posted by Tony Caridi on Wednesday, November 11, 2009
(9:03 am)

  Jarrett Brown

The Mountaineers face an interesting challenge these next three weeks with dates against two nationally ranked teams in Cincinnati and Pitt, and a trip to Rutgers.

The eternal optimists have the Mountaineers winning all three games. The Debbie-Downers have the Mountaineers losing all three. The reality can probably be found somewhere in the middle - and I mean the middle of the WVU offensive line where the quarterback stands just before the ball is snapped.

Say hello to Jarrett Brown the fifth-year senior with the patience of Jobe - the wonderful young man with the Greek-God body and the smile that lights up a room. The same Jarrett Brown who took a wicked double helmet shot to his head Oct. 17 against Marshall. The resulting concussion has knocked Brown off course from what was shaping up to be a record-setting season. Life isn’t fair - we know that - but if there is some semblance of fairness then Brown will finish this season the way he started.

Before the leaves fell off the trees Brown’s legs were golden. Opposing defenses didn’t know whether to play the run or drop in coverage. It was a classic quandary that makes offensive coordinators giggle and defensive coordinators lose sleep. Brown was a dominant player; it was just the way the storybook was supposed to read. But like all good stories, there’s usually unexpected conflict and this came in the form of his concussion.

With the 2009 Mountaineer football story heading into its final chapters it’s time for conflict resolution and the conclusion that Jarrett Brown deserves for his dedication and patience during the last five years.

Three games, 12 quarters and 180 minutes of football: here’s hoping Jarrett wraps his arms around these final regular season opportunities and walks off the field with the satisfaction that he gave everything he had and the wait was truly worth it.