Parking Policies

Important Parking Information for 2015

  • Please note blue lot vehicle permit holders will have unrestricted parking (ability to choose parking space) up to 4 hours prior to game time.
  • There will be no thru-traffic permitted on Med Center Drive (in front of Ruby Memorial Hospital). Until the 2014 season, thru traffic without a blue lot permit was permitted; however, given the new hospital roadway, Med Center Drive will be open only to blue lot permit holders.
  • Silver lot ADA parking at the east gate will be in the teal lot for 2015 because of the ongoing construction. There will be a shuttle from the teal lot to the east gate.
Permit parking
  • Parking operated by West Virginia University in the general area of the stadium is sold on a season basis for members of the Mountaineer Athletic Club and requires a color-coded permit. For more information on how you can become eligible for permit parking, please contact the Mountaineer Athletic Club at 304.293.2294.
  • Season permit lots include the following lots: blue, light blue, green, teal, brown, red, silver, blue auxiliary and light blue auxiliary RV.
ADA accessible parking
  • In order to assure proper use of disabled spaces on game day in permit lots, the following will be required for admission to the appropriate lot:
    1. WVU-issued color-coded parking permit
    2. Valid state-issued disabled parking placard or license plate
    3. Valid state-issued disabled parking registration card
    4. Photo ID of the disabled permit holder who is present in the automobile (the photo ID must match the disabled parking registration card)
  • Disabled permit holders will be required to park in the spots reserved for disabled parking only.
  • Limited single game disabled parking may be available in the Brown Lot ($30/game) with a shuttle provided.
  • Blue lot ADA parking is self-accommodating (shuttle unavailable).
  • Free parking is available at the WVU Coliseum with an accessible shuttle running continuously two and one-half hours before kickoff and as needed after the game. The roundtrip fee is $4.
  • Misuse of disabled parking passes is grounds for confiscation of the pass by the parking attendant.
RV parking
  • Permit lots parking times:
    • Blue lot general RV parking lot E now 8 am on Friday
    • Blue lot general RV parking lot D (including front row) now 11 pm on Friday
    • Blue lot front row RV parking in areas C2-C6, C8, and C10 now 8 am on Friday
    • Blue lot front row RV parking (areas not mentioned above) now 6 pm on Friday
    • Light blue RV parking now 6 pm on Friday
    • Light blue auxiliary RV parking (new lot by Chateau Royale) now 12 noon on Friday
    • Red RV parking (Law School) now 3 pm on Friday
    • Green RV parking (across from United Center) now 3 pm on Friday
  • Single game lots parking times:
    • Black RV parking (Coliseum lot) now at 8 am on Friday - $80/game
    • Light blue auxiliary parking (new lot by Chateau Royale) now 12 noon on Friday - $150/game
  • All RVs must be clear from all lots by 12 noon the day following the home game (excluding weeknight games).
  • Recreational vehicles are 20 feet or longer.
Bus parking
  • Green lot (across from the United Center) – 7 am on game day when lots open for $80/game
Single game parking (vehicles)
  • Gold lot $20/game
  • Green lot $40/game
  • Burgundy lot $40/game
  • Lime Green lot $40/game
  • Purple lot $20/game
  • Coliseum – free and first come, first served
Parking/tailgating policies
  • Lots do not open for vehicle parking until 7:00 a.m. for Saturday games.
  • Any vehicles, with or without a permit, left in permit lots before 7:00 a.m. on game day will be towed.
  • All vehicles and RVs must be cleared by noon the day following the home game (excludes weeknight games).
  • The original holder of any parking permit is responsible for any tailgate activity that is conducted while using that parking permit.
  • Small canopies may be erected in designated areas only and may not be larger than 12’x12’. All canopies must be secured. A parking permit for the designated lot is required to erect a canopy and the vehicle must be parked adjacent to such canopy. Parking permit holders may only erect canopies after 7:00 a.m. on game day. Canopies may not obstruct sidewalks, drive lanes or pedestrian walkways.
  • Open fires are prohibited.
  • Parking lot games involving the consumption of alcohol are prohibited.
  • Individuals are responsible for compliance with all local and state laws governing alcohol consumption.
  • Any person damaging University property will be responsible for cost of repairs.
  • Recycling bags are provided by parking attendants in the blue, light blue, red and brown lots. Fans can recycle in these bags paper, cardboard and plastics #1-7 as well as aluminum cans and glass.
  • Please note blue lot vehicle permit holders will have unrestricted parking (ability to choose parking space) up to four hours prior to game time.
  • Pets are not allowed to run at large in tailgating sites or on campus and must be leashed at all times according to local leash laws. Furthermore animals shall not be left unattended or secured to university property. Please clean up after your pet.
  • Dispose of all trash in receptacles located in tailgating areas.
  • Removal of any barricade, barrel or other traffic control devices is prohibited.
  • The WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right to revoke parking permits at any time. Inappropriate behavior will result in permanent loss of all parking and tailgating privileges without refund.
  • West Virginia University is not responsible or liable for accidents, damage, loss or theft of materials, items or personal property brought into our parking areas.