Football: Selected Player Quotes

  • October 06, 2009 07:39 PM
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By MSNsportsNET.com
October 6, 2009

Eain Smith

On playing against Syracuse
“We have to be mentally in the game, be ready to protect, and we have to make plays whenever the opportunity comes.”

On the Syracuse game
“They have improved in all aspects. They’re not the same Syracuse we’ve seen for the past couple years. They have some good play makers and a new coach, so it’s going to be a better game this year.”

On the performance of the WVU defensive line
“We have really emphasized on turnovers this week at practice because we need to be a better defense and strip the ball out.”

Jarrett Brown

How playing basketball helped him with football:
“Playing basketball helped me to improve my agility, direction changes, accelerating, balance, and conditioning that all benefit me while playing football.”

On his regrets of spending so much time with basketball
“I don’t regret spending so much time on basketball because my skills wouldn’t be where they are if I wouldn’t have played basketball for that many years.”

On how the offense is coming together
“As the season goes on, all of us are getting more experience and more confidence in our choices. We’re starting to realize that this is our team and we’re the only ones who can get the job done, not our coaches.”

Bradley Starks

On Syracuse’s defense
“They are a very aggressive team that you can tell just by watching them that they want to be out there. They fly to the ball, they hit you quick, and they always play hard.”

On Noel Devine
“Noel definitely brings something to our team because he’s quick, shifty, and always gets out of trouble when nobody thinks he can.”

On the Syracuse game
“We’re very excited to play in a BIG EAST conference game. We’re going to stay mentally prepared and keep doing what we do.”

Reed Williams

On his injured foot
“My foot is doing well, but it’s always going to be there so it’s just going to be something I’ll learn to play through. The pain goes away in front of 65,000 people but it’s kind of hard to go out and practice every day.”

On the Syracuse game
“They’ve got a lot of talent. This is a different Syracuse than the BIG EAST is used to seeing in the past. They run a pro-style offense, so they could really do some damage to us if we let them.”

On playing in the Carrier Dome
“There’s not much of a difference because we just try to go deaf to the crowd and listen to our guys. It’s a great place to play and hopefully our kickers will have a field day out there.”

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