Football: Coach Bill Stewart Quotes

  • April 14, 2010 06:35 PM
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April 14, 2010

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia University coach Bill Stewart quotes from Wednesday’s spring practice.

Opening Statements Football is a very tough game. Not just banging tough, but mentally tough as well. Right now I am not pleased. I saw too many busted reps out there and the assignments weren’t crisp as I thought they should be. You get a couple of guys that get hurt and put on a red or green jersey, and suddenly leadership starts spiraling down.

Leadership is the action of doing. It is the action and constantly doing that makes a good leader. Chemistry comes from those who buy in and follow and they begin to do. There was no leadership today and there was no chemistry today.

On honoring the WV miners We are going to be displaying the number 29 on our helmets. We are going to start wearing them at the Gold-Blue spring game on Friday, April 30. Those helmets will then be refurbished over the summer and we will wear the decal next season. It is just in honor of the tragic incident down in Raleigh County.

It hit us hard. I got the seniors to sign a jersey today for a boy that is going to have his seventh birthday this Sunday. He doesn’t have a dad to go home to tonight. I am really proud of our football team. They did the right thing.

We are going to honor our fallen brothers and wear the No. 29 the entire year, and we are going to dedicate the 2010 season to the miners in Raleigh County.

It was pretty tough (the memorial service). I was honored, along with four players and President (James) Clements, to be there with all of the West Virginians and the families. It is really emotional.

On Coley White I think Coley White has done a fine job. Geno (Smith) takes every snap in skele and Coley takes every snap in team. I am really pleased with how he has responded. We have to get him out there and get some catches as a slot, because he wants to play that. Maybe that is where he will be and maybe not. He is doing a good job for us right now. He is doing it all.

I like what I see with Coley. He can run the option, he can get up in the alley and he has made some nice throws as well. He is getting better.

On the defense Jeff (Casteel) has a unique way of pushing those guys, as do all of the defensive coaches. We have three guys who have been coordinators at a Division I school – that is pretty special. Dave Lockwood, Steve Dunlap and Jeff Casteel were DI coordinators, and coach Bill Kirelawich could have been but he decided to stay here with the defensive line. You have four pretty good coaches over there instructing and they just keep getting better and better.

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