Football: Player Quotes 9/14/10

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  • September 14, 2010 07:19 PM
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Stedman Bailey
I knew that I could step up and make big plays, but to actually do it at a time when we needed it makes me know that it’s something I can do. For
Coach Galloway, he trusts me and he told me after the game that I grew up.
He feels comfortable with me being in all four quarters and when it was time to make a play, he was able to count on me.

Some of the catches I made, other people said they were tough catches, so Coach Galloway told me I made some big plays and I thought they were pretty big plays, like first downs when we needed them.

Jock Sanders
It’s a bonding thing, but just knowing how we did those last two possessions and how the defense held, that just means we need to play a little faster. We have to catch guys off guard and just knowing that we did that the last two possessions, we should have been doing that the whole game. Now that we know that, we are going to play fast.

We haven’t watched a lot on them yet, but just knowing the coaches’ perspectives, they do a lot of blitzes and a lot of cover 2, so it’s going to be a lot of man-up coverage.

That was a great win for us and I’m glad we came back, but we let things get too close and you can’t always come back at the end. That was just a great win and shows how we can pull together. The whole time before the game, Coach Stew was asking, ‘Do we have the guts?,’ and that response shows him we have the guts and the will to win and the strength to bond together and get the victory.

Najee Goode
It’s a big chance to improve and I’ve been trying to every day. For the most part, coming in the games, I didn’t do everything I wanted to correctly, but I made plays and tried to help out the defense in key situations, that’s all coach asks for, players to make plays.

You are trying to work to be a start and be better than the next guy. That’s what it is right now and the way I played the past few years, I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve gotten better in some things. I want to show coaches that I can go in there and make plays, but you always have to get better.

J.T. Thomas
It’s not a Maryland thing to me; it’s just our next opponent. We want to try to keep getting W’s on the board and make our game as best as possible.

On Noel Devine:
He’s grown more as a person than a player. He’s always been a great player; he’s always going to be a great player. He grew more off the field than on the field.

On Brodrick Jenkins and Pat Miller:
Those are two guys who got a lot of reps in camp. You have two guys that are ready to step in at any moment. That’s the good thing about defense, having young guys who are ready to play. They’re ready to step up; they’re looking at it more as a challenge.

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