Football: Bill Stewart Quotes 9/21/10

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  • September 21, 2010 02:58 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU football coach Bill Stewart quotes.

Opening Statement
Game No. 3 is in the books and I don’t have a lot to add. However, I would like to go on record, and I mean this sincerely, I want to thank our administration, particularly Mike Parsons. His diligent, faithful, and maybe persistent effort to land that contract (with Maryland) again is very big. I am so pleased that the Mountaineers will continue to play Maryland for another four-years.

The game was tough and physical, and Maryland is going to win some football games this season. Hopefully, we will continue to do so as well.

I thought we started fast, but I wish we could have closed the door sooner. That just tells you about Maryland’s resiliency and toughness.

In our upcoming game, we are going down to LSU for a chance to play another SEC opponent. We will go down there this year, and then they will return the favor next year.

LSU is a great tradition and a great venue. It is a big showcase for college football and it is a chance for the Mountaineers to go down and see how we measure up. Teams have not been too successful down there in Tiger Country, and maybe we will be blessed a little bit better.

We are excited to get the chance to play another tough out-of-league opponent in preparation for our BIG EAST run, which will begin in a couple of weeks.

On Brandon Hogan
Brandon Hogan is in an evaluation period by me. He is going to practice and I will watch him work. Right now, he is undergoing the exact same formula that is set in stone by the student judicial affairs committee for the rest of the student body who gets in trouble.

I am not trying to make light of it, but he is in evaluation and I don’t know if he will play this weekend and I don’t know if he won’t play this week. If he is to play this week, he will have earned the right to play according to my standards and my standards alone. I will make that determination the day of the game. He will travel this week.

He asked about being on the sideline this last week. He is a part of this team, so I let him. I could have told him to stand back and be quiet but he can’t do that. He is too much of a teammate. I was glad he was on the sideline.

On LSU’s Patrick Peterson
He is tremendous. He is averaging 31.7 yards on kickoff returns, with a long of 47 yards, so that means he is getting out there pretty good. His punt returns are also 23.9 yards. He is great. He should be up for the Heisman. The guy is the best defensive back in the country.

On Pat Lazear
If he wasn’t as strong as he is, I don’t think he could have recovered as well. He has a bone bruise that has slowed down his progression of getting better. He is not in good shape, but we are going to try to play him this week. However, I will not know for sure until Thursday, when our report is delivered. He ran hard on Sunday.

On Josh Jenkins
He had a scope done this morning. He is downstairs right now recovering. It was a very minor procedure, but he is fine. He is a little groggy, but he is doing well. It was a very clean and successful repair and I will wait until Thursday to make the determination on him playing.

On the SEC
I am sure every conference has a great opinion of every team in its league. The only conference ahead of us in out-of-conference winning percentage is the SEC. We (the BIG EAST Conference) are the second conference behind the SEC and every year we have to apologize because we are thought of as a basketball league. We are 16-6 in bowls and we have beaten some SEC schools. I brag all of the time about us being a physical league.

It is southern hospitality at its best. When you go into Auburn or any other SEC school, they do it right. It is a good trip. Football is important to those people. I look at this trip as a challenge, but we are just going down to play ball.

On penalties
I don’t like penalties. We had eight last week and that frustrated me. When you have penalties, that means either you are not concentrating or not giving enough effort.

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