Football: Coach Bill Stewart Quotes

  • By Kelly Tuckwiller
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  • October 05, 2010 03:03 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU football coach Bill Stewart quotes.

Opening Statement
I hope we are healed this weekend. We got hit against LSU and we hit them. It was a hard fought battled. I talked about it last week and it is over. Now we move on to game No. 5.

Game five is going to be against the UNLV Rebels. They have lost three games this season to Top 25 opponents. They are a good football team and their coach (Bobby Hauck) is a dandy.

I told you guys yesterday that Bobby Hauck has won over 80 percent of his games. He is on track to be a great one and he is a winner. I like what he is doing with this team.

On Noel Devine
Noel Devine is going well. I am not going to say great because I won’t know that until Saturday in warm-ups. I was really proud of him yesterday, because he was either in class or in treatment.

He is trying to get better. He has a bone bruise under his toe so when he pivots in aches.

On UNLV’s roster
I look at UNLV's roster and see that Bobby (Hauck) hasn't wiped the slate (roster) clean. He has a lot of seniors as well as a lot of freshmen on the team. As I’m watching his program, it looks like this guy is doing it right in how he is building his program.

On UNLV’s offense
I saw No. 2 Omar Clayton take a shot and I don’t know how is he walking. He is tough. He hung in there, and he is a leader.

I really like their running back, Channing Trotter. He is tough and he is big. He is 5-foot-9 and 200 pounds.

I really believe that when Clayton was hit that hard, and then went down to lead his team (into the end zone), that really showed their grit.

On Anthony Leonard
He has done very well this season. When your time comes, you have to step up. He has always been behind people and now he has stepped up. He is playing really hard and I am proud of him. He has also been a good senior leader.

On Will Clarke
Will is expected to play this weekend, but I don’t know how much. Here is the thing - we have to first win this football game. The second thing is that we have another opponent five, not seven, days away. The crucial thing is that it is a BIG EAST opponent.

We are going to get some bumps and bruises because this is a physical game.

On keeping the players’ heads in the game
I like to think that we are mature enough, even though we have a sophomore quarterback, that when we get in that huddle the seniors take control. They are going to be told by J.T. Thomas, Chris Neild and Scooter Berry that our whole emphasis is on UNLV this weekend.

On WVU’s offense compared to UNLV’s defense
I feel good because I think it is hard to run clear across the field with a Brad Starks, Tavon Austin or Jock Sanders when you man up. We run some nice crossing routes, and if they can keep up they are going to beat us.

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