Football: Tuesday Player Quotes

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  • October 05, 2010 07:51 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia University football player quotes following Tuesday afternoon's practice. The Mountaineers take on UNLV this Saturday in a 3:30 p.m. game at Milan Puskar Stadium.

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Tyler Bitancurt
On missing field goals in general:
You just have to move on, forget about it and find ways to improve. You have to find a way to get better. You can’t dwell on the past – you keep moving forward or you’ll keep missing.

Regarding the lift of the field goal as the ball leaves the foot:
You try to get as comfortable as possible, but if you get too comfortable, that’s when things start to happen. I have to focus on one task – I can’t worry about getting enough lift on the ball and avoiding the posts. I can only do one at a time. If it gets blocked, then I wasn’t focused enough on getting underneath it.

When you kick, it’s the same kick every time. My extra point is going to be the same as a 50-yard field goal. Only the aiming is different.

On remembering missed field goals:
You go from kick to kick, but I never forget the ones I miss. You remember the misses and you learn from your mistakes. The only frustration that comes is from knowing I didn’t perform to the best of my ability. I can’t get down on myself. It’s too important for the team that I move on and do not reflect too much on the missed kicks. There’s so many games we still need to win.

Jorge Wright
On special teams:
When I see the guy coming my way, I know I need to make a play. If you can create a fumble, it’s a great situation.

About being a backup:
It doesn’t matter if I’m starting or not. I only want to help the team and do what’s asked of me. If the opportunity comes, I need to prove that I can play. It’s not a disappointment if I don’t start.

On the starts he got in place of Julian Miller:
I think I did pretty good. Watching film, I saw some places I need to improve but overall I think I played well.

Terrence Garvin

On playing fast and comfortable:
Our coaches tell us things to look out for every week. I study film and when I’m on the field, I try to make things happen. I need to know where I’m at at all times. Those things help you play fast.

On the safety position:
It’s a tough position. You have to keep an eye on the tight ends and everyone going by and play physical.
Lifting and getting strong over the summer really helped me.

Regarding players who mentor him in the position:
Sidney (Glover) helps me a lot. He talks to me every day and teaches me the little stuff.

On gaining confidence from the first game when he had 10 tackles:
That gave me a lot of confidence. My teammates started believing in me a little more, it seemed like. I felt that I could contribute to the team.

On how he feels about the defense:
So far we’ve been playing pretty well. We can always get better. We still have a lot of stuff to improve on. We have to get better and play faster.

On looking ahead to South Florida:
Right now, we’re focused on UNLV. That’s the next game that we’ve got. We have to win this game. We’ve only been watching UNLV.

Tavon Austin
On two players from UNLV’s roster he played high school football with but will not make the trip:
I’m sad that I won’t be able to see my boys.

About the five-day break that will occur between the UNLV game and USF:
You have to come in and go to work.

On the possibility of being Noel Devine’s backup against UNLV:
I’ll have to do whatever it takes to help the team. I pretty much have the wide receiver position down. I might see more time as a back because I’m not as used to it, but I’ll do what’s asked of me. They might put me in motion or do other things.

Jock Sanders
On the first game back from break:
We needed the rest. Everyone was tired after going through fall camp and then four weeks of the schedule. That’s seven weeks of football, and it kind of took a toll on the team. We’ll be ready to play on Saturday.

We need to do the little things. With the time off, the defense worked on tackling and the offense worked on the plays and things like the hurry-up offense.

On the possibility of playing running back:
They don’t really talk about it because they know that I’m always in the running back room and that I’m prepared if I’m needed to go back there. Coach Beatty talks to everyone in the room and I’ve got it down. I’m prepared if that were to happen.

Regarding motivation coming off of a loss and no longer being ranked:
We can’t worry too much about that. We’ve got UNLV up next and we need to be ready to play.

On Trey Johnson as Devine’s backup:
He’s been outstanding so far. Knowing that you’re behind someone like Noel, you’re watching from the sidelines and picking things up. Every time that Trey has a chance, he’s made the best of it. He’s making plays and that’s why his name is coming out of the coach’s mouth.

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