Football: Coach Stewart Quotes

  • By Tiffany Doolittle
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  • November 14, 2010 03:22 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU football coach Bill Stewart quotes from Sunday’s teleconference.

Opening Statement
I’m very pleased with the physical way that we played. That’s the way we’re supposed to do it here at West Virginia and in the BIG EAST.

It was a hard-hitting game, but I don’t think we’re too badly injured. We’re banged up a little bit, but we came out of it pretty good, so I’m happy about that.

It was good to get a win and come back after a two week absence. It’s bad enough when you lose a game and you have to wait a week to play again, so it was tough to wait two weeks. We’re happy that’s over and now, we’re back into the swing of things.

Our preparation will be of the norm. We had treatment at 10 a.m. and at 1 p.m., then we will lift, have a team meeting, watch film, get out on the field and do our normal Sunday routine.

We’ve had about seven recruits in this weekend, so it was hectic after the game and it will be all morning as we’re trying to get things done.

On the defense not allowing more than 21 points in a game
I think that’s outstanding and I credit not only our players, but our coaches. I may be mistaken, but that rushing touchdown was the first rushing touchdown we gave up at home this year.

It happens, but to hold people down like we’re doing is a real tribute to the players, to the coaches and to the manner in which we play football here. (Cincinnati) is an explosive team and, we managed to run the ball 22-straight times after Noel’s touchdown.

On feelings about past losses
I don’t want people to think that we just sit over here in an arrogant manner saying that the only time we lose is when we beat ourselves. When you turn the ball over, allow an interception or get lined up wrong, it’s going to happen. Although it sounds arrogant, there is some validity in saying that.

On the victory against Cincinnati
It was a very clean game, but what really excited me was the mental preparation. It was physical, we played fast and we played hard, but we really played mentally sharp. We took care of the ball and we were smart with what we were doing. I didn’t see many formation errors, beside that one penalty. I thought it was a good mental game, as well as physical. I was pleased with that and it was a really sharp game for the Mountaineers.

What frustrated me was that third quarter ending. They got a chance to regroup and they got a chance to go down to the other end of the field, so they came out and their stance was to knock us back. That’s the only regret I have, and it frustrated me that we did not get that touchdown in. I wanted that touchdown.

On preparing for the upcoming game against Louisville
The question is can these young men continually do it over and over again? Can you do it at home? Can you do it on the road? Can you do it after a win? Can you do it after a two week absence and two tough losses? I knew we’d fight back, but these guys need to prepare for Louisville and prepare to get their butts handed to them like UCONN and Syracuse did.

It’s still round five, so we just need to give a little more. We just have to refine it, get it better, believe in the system and be sharp. If we play smart football, we usually come out pretty good in the games we play. We went down to Louisville two years ago and that was a tough win for us. It’s the same thing, so we’re going to find out how mature this football team really is.

On the positive attitude of the players going into the Cincinnati game
If you look around and check all the scores, teams lost that should have won. You just have to do the best you can and finish strong. This is when the teams go from average to good, from good to great or from poor to better. It’s a tough time in games 11 and 12, but it is also a good time because this is when you can really define yourself.

It’s good that they’re in a livelier mood, but I know we were serious about the game and I know how hard we practiced. They did a good job and I’m very pleased with them.

On Shawne Alston’s performance against Cincinnati
He did a good job, and he ran hard. He brings some more flavor and variation to our offense. He really opens up vision for us because he’s still a big, powerful back. It really gives us some good options.

I know you couldn’t tell, but Noel was very sick and I didn’t think he was even going to be able to play. We just ran Shawne all week because we knew that he was a guy that would come out and do some good stuff. They get their chance every practice, but this was an opportunity that presented itself. Shawne definitely made the most of it.

On the team’s confidence against Cincinnati
(Cincinnati) is such an explosive offense, they put up numbers and they had the talent to do it, but it didn’t happen and our defense had a lot to do with it. Our offense was striking so quickly, and after running the ball 22 times, they (UC) couldn’t get the ball back. I was pleased with our defensive effort and with our offense. We struck when we had to, and we kept that ball a long time after Noel’s touchdown. We wanted to keep them off the field because if they’re not on the field, they can’t score.

I thought Keith Tandy and Brandon Hogan played one of the most-solid games that I’ve seen by two corners. Our safeties played well. They were getting us with those crossing routes and vertical routes, but we got that figured out and stopped them.

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