Football: Coach Bill Stewart Quotes

  • By Kelly Tuckwiller
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  • November 16, 2010 02:43 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU football coach Bill Stewart quotes from Tuesday’s press conference

Opening Statement
The past football game, against Cincinnati, was a physical game. It was very much a pay attention to detail kind of football game. By that I mean I thought our guys hit hard as expected, but they played a very mentally tough game against a talented opponent. I was pleased with how our guys stayed focused.

Now we move on to Louisville. This is another explosive offense. I have watched the film and they are talented and can score from anywhere. This is going to be a tough football game.

On playing better at home
I think that most people, generally speaking, have a better record at home. That is why the home crowd is so special to you and to the young men playing out in the arena.

We have done OK on the road. We have won some big games and lost some heartbreakers. It has not been as pleasant as we would have liked it to have been. Maybe we can make amends to that this weekend and get back on track.

On the offensive line
Jeff Braun has been playing very hard and kind of got banged up, nothing major, but Matt Timmerman came in and gave great relief in the backup roll. He did a really nice job and played really hard. He is a senior veteran and it was neat to see him play like that at home.

On the defense
I thought we had a chance to be a very sound defense (at the beginning of the season), but there is a lot that goes into that. Can you disguise the blitz to confuse quarterbacks? We have done that. When you blitz, can you get home and get to your target? We have done that.

We got a safety the other day. I don’t know how long it has been since we got a safety.

The only thing we need to finish as a defense is turnovers. We need to get some more turnovers.

On Louisville’s defense
I see aggressiveness. I see Charlie Strong’s personality. They have a wide range of players. They tackle really well in the open field. That is what I saw them do when they shutout UConn.

On Louisville’s quarterbacks
They both (Adam Froman and Justin Burke) are big guys. They are bigger than our linebackers. They are both strong-armed and they both have a great feel for releasing the ball.

On Bruce Irvin
He is playing enough downs that our defense deems necessary, because he is used in a very wise manner. Bruce is a 235-pound young man that plays with the strength of a man much larger. He has such great explosiveness.

On Chris Neild
He has been the rock and the fence post of that defense. By that I mean, when you can take a young man like Chris Neild and occupy an “A” gap to either side, tie up two blockers at all times, our linebackers can run. We like to get him to anchor.

He just brings an element of toughness and solidifies the middle where they have got to put two people on him and therefore our linebackers can pitchfork and run. When they try to single him up, they are facing a tough man.

When you get guys like Chris Neild in leadership roles, he epitomizes what a student-athlete should be. He is a great student, great team guy, great leader and the anchor for many issues that ever come up. He epitomizes what a Mountaineer Man should be.

On Jock Sanders
If you look back and see the catches that young man has made, they are phenomenal. They say the good ones even drop them, but I haven’t seen him drop many. He has been a great one.

It means a lot to me when one of our guys, especially one that chose to come back for all of the right reasons, has success. It puts a smile on your face to see good things happen to good young men.

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