Football: Coach Bill Stewart Teleconference

  • By Shannon McNamara
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  • November 21, 2010 02:33 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - WVU football coach Bill Stewart quotes from the Nov. 21 teleconference.

Opening Statement
Round five is in the books and behind us. It was a good win. We’re now getting ready for the round six of the BIG EAST battle.

on the squad’s progression over the last two weeks following a total team self-evaluation
We have won two games, and we have two to go. I’m looking forward to Pitt and Pitt only.

on his recollection of playing on the WVU freshman team in 1970 and that year’s Backyard Brawl
(I remember it) very vividly. We beat their (Pitt’s) freshman team. It was 40 years ago and a very tough loss for the seniors. I felt bad for them. We were 8-3.

on Pitt receiver Mike Shanahan
I think he’s a heck of a player. He’s (tight end) Tyler Urban’s best friend. When we were up for a home visit with Tyler, I saw Mike on the basketball court. I knew he was a Pitt commit, and I honored that and wished him the best.

Mike was not offered here at summer camp, and I could not understand that. That was a big mistake. He’s a quality young man and a great guy. He’s a great Pitt Panther, and Tyler is a great West Virginia Mountaineer.

on the play of Shanahan and fellow receiver Jon Baldwin
Both of those guys worry me. Mike has made play after play. He’s a big, tall receiver. He’s a very dependable young man.

(Pitt) has a great receiving corps, and it’s not just Shanahan and Baldwin. Don’t forget (Mike) Cruz at tight end – he’s a big guy that catches the ball.

on the recent, low scoring Backyard Brawl games
Pitt’s a heck of a football team and has put up some big numbers this year. We, at certain times, have also put up some good numbers.

I think it will be a hard-hitting, physical football game – that’s what I truly anticipate – because of the style of ball that we both play. We both play aggressive defense and ball-control types of offenses.

on the difference between Pitt quarterback Tino Sunseri and former quarterback Bill Stull
They are two talented guys. Tino just makes plays and has had some really great outings, like our quarterback has had. He’s also had some games where he hasn’t been as polished as they probably wanted him to be.

I don’t like to compare players with former guys that are no longer there. I hope that he doesn’t have a great game against us.

on the recent play of Noel Devine and inserting Shawne Alston into the offense in his place
Noel got bent backwards yesterday, and Shawne went in. He was hurt, so that wheel route (Devine’s 48-yard reception) was a really big lift for him. He hasn’t had a break-away, but hopefully he’ll get back on track with that. He’s going to keep pounding the rock and we’ll use Shawne in there as well.

We played Shawne Saturday, and we got over 100 yards (combined) out of our tailbacks.

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