Football: Stewart Press Conference Quotes

  • By Kelly Tuckwiller
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  • November 30, 2010 02:48 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU football coach Bill Stewart quotes from Tuesday’s press conference:

Opening Statement
I would like to again congratulate the Mountaineers on the effort and enthusiasm in which we played our last football game in Pittsburgh, and I am very proud of our senior class, as well as our junior class, because that is the last time those two classes will be at Heinz Field. It was a great win for the Mountaineer nation.

Now we turn our sights to Rutgers and wait for the Scarlet Knights to come to town. It is going to be a very emotional football game for our seniors as they close out their careers here at home. We have 20 seniors and all have contributed in great fashion these last few years.

I expect (this weekend’s game) to be like most West Virginia vs. Rutgers games. It will be hard-hitting, physical and I am sure it will be a fun game to watch.

We really respect this team, Greg Schiano and what his staff and team have done and what they have been through in the last few weeks. That is always tough we you have a certain injury that leads to a difficult situation. I admire them.

On the Lambert Trophy
One of the proudest nights of my recent life, is when Bill Kirelawich, Jeff Casteel and myself went to accept the Lambert Trophy a few years back. For me being a youngster in this state, the Lambert Trophy speaks volumes. I will talk to the team about that because that talks about Eastern supremacy.

On this senior class
This senior class and I have grown together. I admire, respect and most importantly appreciate all that these seniors have given this program, this university and to the people of West Virginia. In my opinion, this senior class has carried the banner pretty well.

Each senior class is different. They may look the same, because they have the Old Gold and Blue on, but each senior class is different. I will remember this group, hopefully, with a win Saturday, as a group with their backs against the wall, when people didn’t think they could do it, which stepped up to the plate and showed resolve.

On Brandon Hogan
Brandon Hogan, in my opinion, paid the penalty and price in which I set forth. That was handled in a very much gentlemanly fashion by Brandon. He did what I ordered him to do.

Being named BIG EAST Defensive Player of the Week for last week was something that he earned. I think that he is the best corner in our league, and I have talked to the defensive staff, and he may be the best player on our team at this time.

I love to watch him play each and everyday. A lot of guys I like to watch on Saturdays, but I like to watch him play everyday, because everyday is gameday. He comes to practice and works with the West Virginia ethic. He gives everything he has each and every practice, therefore he has become a tremendous college football player and will have a bright future.

He came in a young man and will leave a man. That is what college is all about. Turning young men into men and turning potential leadership individuals into leaders.

On recruiting in Texas
It brings added creditability. We have creditability, but TCU brings added credibility. It is in a tremendous media outlet area and it is in one of the hotbeds of not only college football, but certainly high school football, where it starts, and NFL football, where it ends.

I can only see it adding to our vast recruiting efforts. This university in recent years has done very well in the 250-mile radius outside of West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

On Chris Neild and the defense
He will play unless something totally jumps out at us.

We would not be as solid in the middle (if he did not play). He is the best interior linemen in this league, and I think in this part of the country – maybe the country. Chris Neild is turning heads all over American. Just watch what he does when he finishes his career here.

On Rutgers
They beat UConn. They lost by three to Syracuse. They lost by one to USF. That right there is more than enough for me to say that we should spend some time and watch these lads on film and figure out how to beat them.

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