Football: WVU Coach Bill Stewart Quotes

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  • February 02, 2011 05:45 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia University coach Bill Stewart quotes from National Signing Day.

Opening Statement
We signed 17 young men today, nine on offense and eight on defense.

Looking at the offensive signees, there are four offensive linemen. They are tall, big guys that can run and have good athleticism. They came out of good programs, and we like these four young linemen.

We have one tight end, and he (Cody Clay) is a local youngster from Charleston.

There are two running backs and two wide receivers, who are big guys that can stretch the field. The running backs are both tremendous athletes, with tremendous statistics, who played in great programs.

Defensively, it excites me even more. There are three defensive linemen. It is really hard these days to find good defensive linemen, but we feel like we landed three top-notch individuals.

Linebackers, we have three - two outside guys that can really run and one middle back that is really tenacious and can play tackle-to-tackle.

The defensive back (Terrell Chestnut) is a tremendous athlete who plays corner. He started out as a high school quarterback, then they wanted to get him the ball even more and put him in the running game. He has been all over the place.

We also got a really nice free safety (Nick Kwiatkoski) from Bethel Park, Pa.

All of our recruits are top-notch students.

On campus now, we have two quarterbacks. One is Brian Athey, who is a big guy, as is Paul Millard (the other quarterback on campus). They are big, tall guys who can throw the ball and get it all over the place. We are really excited about these two guys.

We have two DBs in Avery Williams and Vance Roberts. They are here now so coach David Lockwood can immediately begin training with them.

Josh Francis is a linebacker that really can run. He has a lot of speed and length and can really make some great plays. We also have a running back in Vernard Roberts, and we are excited to have him.

In the linemen, the first one is a big, tall young man, Russell Haughton-James. He is really a long-armed guy with tremendous feet. Brandon Jackson is a really strong youngster that is going to be a guard. Justin Johnson, as you all know, is a local youngster. He and Cody Clay are the two West Virginia guys that we have. Johnson has good feet. He also has a brother here in Josh Jenkins. He is very much like his brother, but I tease Josh and tell him that Justin has better feet, better athleticism and that he is tougher. Josh doesn’t like that very much, but he will learn to live with it. Then, we have Marquis Lucas, a big, long-armed youngster out of Miami Central, and we like what he brings.

Our tight end is Cody Clay. He has good ball skills and has the potential to grow and get bigger and stronger. He could be a lineman one day, we just don’t know.

We are very excited to have Dustin Garrison out of Pearland, Texas. He just gets the ball and goes. He has tremendous stats, great hands and great mobility. Then certainly, we are excited about our other running back out of Jacksonville, Fla. - Andrew Buie. He also has tremendous stats and is a great player with a lot of potential.

On defense, the three linemen are big, strong looking guys. Ben Bradley out of Norcross, Ga., is a tremendous inside player that we think can be a nose and fit very well in this skill set. He has great size and great explosion and has a chance to be very good.

Kyle Rose is very athletic. He is a tremendous wrestler. He did well at the 215 pound range and at heavyweight. He has done everything, but he devoted a lot to football this year because he really wanted to be a collegiate football player.

Shaq Rowell has been at Iowa Western. He is a special guy and we loved being in his home. He had a brother that played out in Iowa and played well. He brings a lot to the table.

Jared Barber should be a real asset to our 3-3 stack. Isaiah Bruce is a 300-meter hurdle state champion in Florida. It tells you how good he is to look at his size and see how fast he is. Shaq Petteway is from Steubenville, Ohio, and we are excited for him. He brings a lot with his speed and the way he can cover.

Terrell Chestnut has so many accolades, much like Andrew Buie. He can play.

Nick Kwiatkoski was at camp, and I really like what he brings to the table.

On meeting the needs of the team with the new recruits
You never bat 1.000 and you never hit a home run every time you swing, but I am really excited about this class. It is a very solid class, and we are very happy. These guys will be great additions to this program.

On recruiting with only one year left as head coach
That never entered my thought process. I think it speaks volumes about the staff and where we are as a program. When six guys (mid-year signees) come on board in January that speaks volumes, and then to see these 17 young men want to become Mountaineers also is good.

When we have our student-athletes host (the recruits), that is who sells them (on WVU). The players who host are the ones that talk to these recruits and help get them here.

On recruiting athletes instead of positions
We do that every year. Those youngsters have always been a great fit for this 3-3-5 stack. It is important to find that lengthy guy that can play on the edge.

On biggest needs
We needed players. You win with class, and you win with people.

On having the quarterbacks early
It is live arms because we throw a lot of balls. A lot of high school kids come in and do our 45-minute lift and almost faint. It is a different scale.

To have those two quarterbacks here early speaks volumes about what they have on their goals and their thoughts on the future. It just gives them a chance to see and talk with Geno (Smith) and Dana (Holgerson) and to learn our offense. Then, they go out and have live arms.

On the network in the Southwest
I think once you see Dustin (Garrison) catch the ball out there, you will know. TCU brings a lot to the league and opens up some recruiting.

On Geno Smith
They (Brian Athey and Paul Millard) are going to get a lot of reps this spring because Geno is not ready to go out and practice right now, but things are going pretty smooth with him right now. We will see near the end of spring how much he can participate

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