Football: Bill Stewart Transcript

  • By Shannon McNamara
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  • April 06, 2011 11:33 AM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Head coach Bill Stewart's post-practice interview from April 6.

Opening Statement
Practice No. 4 was very physical. I liked our intensity. We’re still on the ground too much. I don’t think we’re tackling very well, but we’re hitting. I don’t see a lot of wrapping up by our defense, and I don’t see a lot of great second effort by our offense.

Intensity is good, and they’re trying to be physical, but we aren’t finishing the drills. We need to polish the little things.

On any changes in effort from last week
We’re flying around and we’re hitting people, but we aren’t doing the little things well. This is pads now. I thought there was good effort, but you have to work on the fundamentals. I see too many guys on the ground, and too many guys, offensively, not finishing the day’s job.

On what the position coaches need to do to help
They don’t have to do a thing. That comes from the players. It’s self-motivation. We had a little discussion about that. We’re looking for self-starters and motivators.

On any players standing out as “self-starters and motivators”?
I didn’t see a lot. I saw great effort, but I didn’t see great technique.

On emerging leaders
Our senior class has been very good. I see Keith Tandy doing very well, as is Julian Miller. I see Bruce Irvin – no one can block him yet.

The leadership is important in the weight room and out here running and playing, and it’s been good. We miss Don Barclay. That’s one I wish was back.

Geno (Smith) is always going to be a good leader. I think Brad Starks is having his best spring since he’s been here.

On the play of the running backs
Of the big backs, I thought Shawne Alston ran well today. He ran behind his pads. Matt Lindamood and Ryan Clarke are both giving great effort.

I just don’t see that little, quick guy yet. Daquan Hargrett busted one today. There’s also Trey Johnson. These guys have a long way to go, in terms of pass protection and knowing the offense. They’re young kids, and we have to bring them along.

On third-and-one situations
I’d like to see us as a (club) that takes what the defense gives us. In other words, if the box is loaded, you flip out to them on the bubble screen – that’s what we worked on today. If they spread the defense, you run the ball – that’s the one Hargrett broke.

I can’t answer that until I see what the defense is going to do.

On the first practice in pads
We did a lot of hitting. We did our victory drill. We started with our PAT drill and field goals, and I thought those were pretty good. We did our punting drills and backed-up punts, which are physical. Then, we went to our victory drill, which is like our championship drill, with three stations.

I thought they competed very well. I thought the effort was very good. The assignments aren’t crisp, and I don’t see us finishing things on offense. I don’t see us breaking down and having good, sharp tackles on defense.

On special teams work
A lot of PATs and a lot of punts right now. Next week, after practice No. 6, we’ll move into some other kicking aspects.

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