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  • August 07, 2012 01:38 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. West Virginia University player quotes during their media session at Milan Puskar Stadium on Tuesday, August 7:

Jordan Thompson

On being a small wide receiver…

There is just a mentality. Mentality to go out there and know that you are going to be undersized because there are a lot of people out there that are going to be stronger and bigger than you. It is just the mentality of playing bigger than what you actually are. You know you are going to get hit, but they are going to hit you the hardest, and you are just going to have to bounce right back up.

On avoiding getting hit…

Quickness. You got to be quick, and you got to be quicker. You are already small and being small is an advantage because you have quickness. Just being quicker than them and making sure that they don’t touch you is just the key.

On learning from Tavon Austin

Tavon’s is talking to me about not taking that many shots on the field because it is going to take a toll on your body. I haven’t mastered it like he has, but I am getting better.

Tavon Austin

On the impact the newcomers are making…

He is not really a young guy, but on defense, but Karl (Joseph) has been standing out. We have been going at it on one-on-ones. As far as on offense, (Travares) Copeland has been doing really good in the slot receiver position. Devonte Robinson and Copeland are catching my eyes.

On the freshman playing this fall…

Definitely. They come in and they work hard, and they listen for the most part, they are doing what the coaches ask of them to do. One thing that I ask from them right now probably that they need to pick up their blocking a little bit. For myself too, that is one thing that I see right now that I see they are kind of lacking in.

On his role with the newcomers…

Just getting used to the system, and getting used to the practice and No. 1, just making plays. That is what coach Holgorsen’s offense is all about, making plays. You make plays, and you just do your part, and you will be okay in this offense.

Joe Madsen

On the intensity at practice…

We have more seniors on the line and more people that are just ready for the Big 12 and just knowing that we need to bring that intensity every day. There was a few scraps yesterday and it was fun to see.

On being further along because of less injuries to the offensive line in the spring…

We are all just building on what we are doing and we know the plays a little bit better than last year and we are just building on that. Knowing the plays and building all that stuff.

On Josh Jenkins coming back in…

He has transitioned perfectly and he hasn’t really made mistakes that we have seen. You knows all the plays. He has been in the film room studying when he was trying to get back so he knows everything.

On looking at tape of Big 12 teams…

We are still just focusing on us and it is so early in camp that we are just trying to get our bearings down and our technique down and later in the weeks we will start looking at Big 12 hopefully.

Pat Miller

On stepping up as a leader…

It is a senior thing. This is my last season and we got a lot of freshmen so it is going to have to start somewhere and I feel like in the past, all the seniors have been good leaders from Tandy to J.T. Thomas to all the seniors that always led it right and we had a good season so I feel like every senior we got need to just lead and show examples for the freshmen and sophomores this fall.

On deciding to step up as a leader…

It just kind of happened. I was in a situation where I had to lead where everybody be looking at you so you just got to do something right. You can’t fold so I just started doing everything right and people started following so it just becoming a leader.

On helping out the teammates in the spring even when injured…

When I was injured, I was just on the outside looking in and I saw a lot of stuff that could have been corrected so that’s when I started telling and they were listening. So when I came back, they were still listening and then I could work and so I was just correcting everything and everyone just started to follow.

Isaiah Bruce

On which younger players are standing out…

Sean (Walters) is really standing out and he is getting a lot of good reps. KJ, who plays safety, is doing really well and Karl (Joseph) who played in the spring, is also playing really well.

On the intensity between defensive backs and receivers…

It is defiantly more fun and when you get to get more physical and everything, we got to keep our offense up and we are not trying to hurt anybody of course, but when you can actually play football and hit, it is a lot more fun than just running around and tagging.

On the intensity that can break out at practice…

On the field, we are the opponent. We are not all trying to be friends, we are trying to make each other better and you push each other so far that there is going to be people not too happy about it. In the long run, it helps.

Doug Riggs

On guys he has looked up to…

Obviously Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis is a great defensive guy. Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher and guys like that you can think of off the top of your head. They are great leaders, great instinctive players and they play every play like it is the last play. Those are all great leaders in my opinion.

With injuries, on who is taking more reps…

Right now, Jewone (Snow) got moved to inside linebacker so the rotation really hasn’t changed. He is a little hurt, but he is going to start reps in the spot that I am at when he gets back.

On the importance of everyone taking reps…

It is huge because our bodies would be used to playing in the Big East which is a lesser conference in everybody’s opinion. Playing against the big guys week in and week out, you are going to need bodies running through. Last year, we only played four or five guys at the most because you have to have a rotation between six and eight guys that can come in, be fresh, play hard and know what they are doing. Rotation is huge this year.

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