Blue Team

2013-14 Mountaineer Blue Cheerleaders

First row: (left to right): Daniel Thomas, Madison Davis, Vince Harman, Kirstie Schmidt, Rachel Miller, Aaron Waldron, April Kesling and Logan Stout.
Second row: (left to right): Merrill Tebay, Alyssa Tighe, Tess Ferrari, Emily Spears and Patricia Smith.
Third row: (left to right): Salvatore Rahner, James Jeffers, Cameron Clegg, Timmy Martin, Keith Monroe, Austin Holbert, Tyler Le and coach Shannon Gaskins-Elliott.

Blue Cheer Team

The Blue cheerleading team is the second of two co-ed cheerleading teams at West Virginia University. It is open to all students including freshmen. This team performs at all home women's basketball games and other special events. The blue team is very active in the community and takes part in weekly visits to WVU Children's Hospital along with the gold team.

WVU Cheerleading Tryout
Limited Co-Ed Flyer Positions Available for Blue Team
Contact Shannon Elliott at cheerwvublue@gmail.com by October 7th for tryout information


Standing Backhandspring
Round-off series of three backhandsprings
Standing back tuck (a spot can be used)
Optional tumbling pass of candidate's choice

Individual Skills
Hyperextended toe touch
Standing left and right leg heel stretch
Standing scorpions

Co-ed Stunts
Assisted toe touch
Toss to hands

Cheer and Dance
Good motion technique and voice projection
Must display good dance ability, skill and technique

All material will be taught at tryouts
Material includes cheer/sidelines and dance


Male candidates must display athletic ability. Experience is not necessary, though is encouraged.

Stunts to learn and perform at tryouts
Assisted toe touch
Toss to hands
Tumbling: Showcase any tumbling skills if candidate has experience in gymnastics

The WVU blue team coach is Shannon Gaskins-Elliott. Email: cheerWVUBlue@gmail.com