Sport Psychology Services

One role of student-athletes is that of performer. Week after week they are involved in training and competition where peak performance is developed and required.

Although athletics can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, there is often considerable stress and pressure associated with having to train and perform under the scrutiny of coaches, peers, the media and family. One's personal goals and expectations can also be impediments to success and satisfaction in the athletic arena.

WVU Intercollegiate Athletics has a sport and licensed psychologist, Dr. Ed Etzel, a 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist, to help student-athletes perform up to their potential and to cope with various sport-related concerns commonly experienced by athletes. Some of those concerns and mental training skills for which student-athletes seek assistance are:

- Adjusting to a new team

- Coping with injury and rehabilitation

- Managing competition stress

- Goal setting

- Motivation

- Team building

- Relaxation skills

- Mental practice, imagery, visualization

- Self-talk management

- Energy management for competition

- Dealing with burnout, staleness and slumps

- Retirement: Transitioning Out of Athletics

Confidential, free sport psychology consultation is available by calling 293-7062 or 293-4431 or contact Dr. Ed Etzel directly by e-mailing edward.etzel@mail.wvu.edu.