Click for Gametracker information. offers live statistics for your enjoyment for all home game and select road games where CBS College Sports GameTracker is available. The WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics staff members are at the games recording and transmitting the stats to our website so they can be viewed in real time on the Internet.

GameTracker is a live statistical interface driven by the stats feed from an official scoring computer utilizing the industry-leading statistical software - The Automated Scorebook from Stat Crew Software. CBS College Sports also enjoys a partnership with STATS, which provides GameTracker coverage of several events each year for its partners.

Providing GameTracker coverage of an event is easy and requires no additional personnel. With each entry into the scoring software (play, pitch, timeout, etc.), an .xml file is generated, sent to our servers and then parsed into the GameTracker interface.

With GameTracker, coverage often extends well beyond just home events. Utilizing our event database, we are able to present stats for an event in different interfaces. Thus, with no effort, a GameTracker partner can offer live stats from its site, in its own interface, for any road contest in which the host is providing GameTracker coverage. With more than 150 schools, conferences and collegiate athletic organizations using GameTracker for at least one sport, many enjoy extensive road coverage.

GameTracker is available to every school, conference or collegiate athletics organization, CBS College Sports website partners. The list of schools which are not partners of ours for their Official Athletic Website, but use GameTracker, grows each year. Some of the more notable examples: BYU, Florida, Rutgers and West Virginia.

What sports offer live stats?

Live stats from the WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics are provided for the following sports when played in Morgantown: football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball. For away games, the home team normally provides live stats on their official athletics site. Some games way from Morgantown are considered WVU “home games” and may or may not have live stats coverage depending upon the venue.

How do I view live stats?

If the sport is listed above and the Mountaineers are playing in Morgantown, go to the main page on and look at the weekly sports schedule located below the main feature. Click the GameTracker icon in the schedule grid to launch the live stats window. You must have java enabled on your web browser in order for the stats page to appear. Obviously, live stats will not be available until the event has started.

What programs do I need to view live stats?

Please download the latest free version of Macromedia Flash Player. The latest player will enable you to view the flash content in the live statistics window. A broadband connection to the Internet will provide the best experience, although the program will work with a dial-up connection. The content will also pop up in a new window so please disable your popup blocker to allow the window to appear.

Live stats from this site are not matching radio and TV

WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics staff members are at the game recording the stats as the game unfolds. Staff members are usually located in the press box and receive official stats as determined by the officials. At times, mistakes can occur. Stats can also be corrected by an official on the field, etc.

Also, outages and delays can occur. Remember, the play has to happen, be confirmed, recorded by the official statistics crew and then transmitted to the Internet before you can view them. Please be patient. Our live statistics will reflect the best possible information as it happens from the game.

The live stats haven’t updated in a long time

Occasionally programs stall and connections are lost. If that happens, please close your GameTracker window and relaunch the program again. Simply go to the Sports Schedule on the main page and click the GameTracker icon to relaunch the program. You can also refresh the stats program by hitting the F5 key on your computer.

Where can I find the final box score?

The live stats page provides real time information for games that are in progress. For a final box score for each event, please click on the game story review where you will find a pdf version of the box score attached at the top. You must have Adobe Acrobat to view box scores in pdf format.