Autograph Request Policy

Student-athletes and coaches at West Virginia University are pleased to sign autographs for Mountaineer fans. However, due to NCAA regulations, the increased unauthorized use and sale of autographed items and the thousands of requests received annually, WVU and many other universities have established guidelines for obtaining autographs.

Coaches and student-athletes will continue to sign autographs at games, team events and Fan Appreciation Days.

Several teams will have a limited number of autographed items available for personal use or for a charitable organization. These items are available by completing an Autograph Request Form.

  • Items from WVU are available while supply lasts. Pre-signed balls are available for $25.
  • All requests will be screened by the WVU Athletic Compliance Office. Requests not permitted by NCAA regulations will be returned.
  • After the autograph request is reviewed by the Athletic Compliance Office, the requestor will receive an email notification regarding the approval status of their request.
  • For pre-signed balls, please do not send in checks until after receiving an approval notification email.
  • Autographed items cannot be sold or used to support fund-raising that directly or indirectly benefits students in grades 9-12, prep school or two-year colleges. Autographed items cannot be provided to a high school, high school coach or high school staff member. Autographed items cannot be provided to a high school student-athlete or the parents/relatives of a high school student-athlete. Autographed items cannot be provided to a high school booster club.
  • WVU will not fulfill requests for autographs of individual student-athletes for personal or charitable use.
  • Items supplied by fans to be autographed will not be accepted. WVU will only provide items listed on the request form.
  • WVU Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right to deny any request for autographed items and request the return of items that may appear for sale or being used in a manner of not compliance with NCAA regulations.
NCAA Bylaw Institutional, Charitable, Education or Nonprofit Promotions

To obtain an autographed item, complete and submit the request form listed below.

Checks should be payable to “WVU Athletic Department”.

For questions regarding your memorabilia request, please direct your comments to athleticcompliancerequest@mail.wvu.edu.

Tentative date for Presigned Football arrivals is 10/1/15
Tentative date for Presigned Basketball arrivals is 12/1/15


Memorabilia Request Form

1. Contact Information (Shipping Address)
2. Purpose of Request
A. Are there any high school age children (grades 9-12) in the intended household for the memorabilia?
C. Do you plan on selling the item for profit?
3. Organization Information (Complete Sections 3 - 5 only if you are an organization)
4. Organization Classification
5. Organization Information
Will the item be sold or auctioned for fundraising purposes?
If yes, describe the fundraising event in which the item will be sold.
If yes, will high school age children (grades 9-12), prep school or junior college students benefit from the sale of the memorabilia?
6. Item Requested
7. Statement of Understanding