Community Service/Outreach

Our student-athletes enjoy visiting schools, organizations and giving back to the community. During the 2013-2014 academic year, West Virginia University student-athletes volunteered more than 5,000 hours of their time to community service.

Due to the large number of requests that we receive, you must provide at least two weeks advanced notice to schedule a student-athlete for any outreach activity. Also, in order to set up an activity with WVU student-athletes, an organization or event site must be within 30-mile radius of our Morgantown campus. Student-athletes cannot afford to travel long distances due to the intense nature of their academic and athletic commitments. Please note that NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes from missing class to attend an activity.

All requests must be approved by the Outreach Coordinator and the WVU Athletic Compliance Office. All activities must be coordinated through the Outreach Coordinator.

How to request a student-athlete volunteer or group:

Download and complete Outreach Activity Request Form.

Questions can be directed to Outreach Coordinator, Donnie Tucker at 304-293-9389.