WVU Wrestling Pavilion

The WVU wrestling program has long been viewed as one of the finest in the country. Now the team has a practice facility of the same caliber as its athletes.

"It is definitely one of the finer facilities in the country,” commented Coach Craig Turnbull.

The 9,000-square-foot, $1.4 million facility completely engulfs the old practice room. The facility sports four mats, coaching offices, an aero­bic room, a study center with computers, and an athletes' lounge.

“It is a tremendous place to practice because we will really be able to spread out and not have guys bumping into each other,” said Turnbull. “The quality of workouts and wrestling should really im­prove significantly.”

Besides the practice area, the crown jewel of the complex is the players' lounge. Built in the shape of a wrestling mat, the lounge features a big screen television for watching film, and plenty of room for relaxing between classes. A drop down screen in the ceiling is used for studying match film before and after practices.

The facility greatly adds to the already impeccable recruiting reputation the Mountaineer wrestling team possesses. Work being done on the new facility has helped bring in some of the best wrestlers from around the country.

To top off the project, WVU was home to the United States Olympic Team wrestlers training for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, a feat made possible by USA Wrestling and the Sunkist Kids.

Funding for the project was made possible by a benevolent gift from the Hazel Ruby McQuain Trust, helping the dream complex become a reality. Turnbull also believes that the work done by former and current Mountaineer wrestlers played a large part in the new facility.

“I would like to believe that all of our current and former athletes that have worked diligently in the pursuit of excellence have made a significant contribu­tion to this project becoming a realization,” Turnbull said.