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Puskar Center Weight Room

There's nothing like a Mountaineer workout to help an athlete reach his potential.

Training in the beautiful strength center at Milan Puskar Stadium, the options are almost endless. West Virginia players can utilize more than 20 tons of weights and dumbbells, 40 pieces of HammerStrength equipment, 20 cardiovascular pieces, eight power racks and seven Olympic power platforms, supervised by a pro-level staff up-to-date in training techniques and skill development.

Computers help set individual workout programs for each player, while a state-of-the-art sound system gives the complex a charged atmosphere. Visual motivational items - mirrors, bowl logos, a wall of honor and a scenic view of the stadium - add to the magnificence of the weight room.

WVU has one of just two facilities in college football with a 1/13th mile track and a three-lane 40-yard staight away, all of it circling inside the weight room.

The West Virginia weight room is without a doubt one of the nation's best, much like the entire football complex. Changes and remodeling keep the complex up with the times to give its athletes nothing but the best. It's a structure that make all West Virginians proud - first-class facilities that reflect and enhance the stature of the Mountaineer Football Program.