Student-Athlete Eligibility; Agents

You may NOT (orally or in writing):

  • Agree to be represented by an agent for the purpose of marketing your athletics ability or reputation in that sport. An Agent contract that is not specifically limited in writing to a particular sport is applicable to all sports.

  • Make an agreement with an agent or compete in professional athletics, and remain eligible for participation in that intercollegiate sport, regardless of the legal enforceability of the contract.

  • Agree to be represented by an agent in the future (after your eligibility is exhausted).

  • Agree to be represented by an agent until after your eligibility has ended, including your team’s post-season competition.

  • Nor may your relatives or friends accept benefits from an agent, financial advisor, runner, or any other person associated with an agency business.

  • Receive preferential benefits or treatment because of your reputation, skill or pay-back potential as a professional athlete.

    What are some examples of benefits?

    Benefits may include, but are not limited to transportation, money and gifts, regardless of the value of the benefit or whether or not you use the benefit.

    You may NOT:

  • Retain professional services (legal advice) for personal reasons at less than the normal charge.

  • Ask to be placed on the draft list or supplement draft list of a professional league in a sport, except in the sport of basketball.

  • Have a coach or other members of the athletics staff at your institution directly or indirectly market his or her athletics ability or reputation to a professional sports team or organization.

  • Be awarded institutional financial aid when the athlete is under contract to or is currently receiving compensation from a professional sports organization.

  • Try out with a professional team in a sport or permit a professional team to conduct a medical examination during the academic year while enrolled as a regular full-time college student.

  • Reach an agreement with you. An athlete’s college has the choice of whether to cancel an athletics scholarship from that day forward.

    What may harm your eligibility when you are contacted by an agent or agency?

  • Agreeing to be represented either in writing or orally with an agent will make you ineligible for NCAA competition.

  • If you, your family, or friends accept a benefit (e.g., money, clothes, or transportation) from an agent, you will be ineligible for competition.