Student Host Instructions

Acting as a student host is an important service to West Virginia University and its Athletics Department. Proper conduct is required of you by institutional, conference and NCAA standards:

A. You must be enrolled at WVU and must not be a nonqualifier in your first year.

B. A maximum of $30 per day may be provided to cover the entertainment expenses of yourself, all hosts, the prospect, and the prospect’s parents, legal guardians, or spouse. You may be provided with an additional $15 per day for each additional prospect that you entertain.

C. No cash may be given to the visiting prospect or anyone else.

D. You may not use entertainment funds to purchase, or otherwise provide the prospect with gifts of value such as souvenirs or clothing

The following are examples of permissible uses of the student-host money

  • Going to a restaurant

  • Going to a movie

  • Gas expenses for transporting prospect around campus

  • Buying food at a sporting event concession stand

    E. You may not use vehicles provided by or arranged by any WVU staff member or athletics booster.

    F. You may not transport the prospect or anyone accompanying the prospect more than 30 miles from campus.

    G. You must not allow recruiting conversations to occur, on or off campus between the prospect and an athletics booster. If an unplanned meeting should occur, only an exchange of greeting is permissible.

    H. You may receive complimentary admission (not an actual ticket) when accompanying a prospect to a campus athletic event.

    I. Only one student host is permitted to be provided a meal when accompanying a prospect on an official visit. This does not include snacks purchased with student host monies.

    J. It is not permissible to purchase or provide alcoholic beverages during the recruiting visit.

    K. You may not participate with or against prospects in mandatory or arranged physical workouts.

    L. You recognize that the consumption of alcohol or drugs, gambling activities, sexual misconduct, or unethical entertainment may not take place during the prospect’s official visit.

    The Student Host is responsible for notifying the coach of any situations or incidents that occurred during the course of the official visit that may be in violation of this policy. No one person (recruit) is worth jeopardizing all that you have accomplished.