Rifle Range

Home to one of the country’s most tradition-rich programs, the WVU rifle range is a reflection of the long-term success enjoyed by the 16-time National Champion Mountaineers.

The range is highlighted by the presence of 10 MEGAlink electronic scoring systems, the most up-to-date system used by some of the country’s proficient shooters, including two-time Olympian and current WVU coach Jon Hammond, and 2012 London Olympics men’s 50m 3 positions Gold medalist Nicco Campriani.

The technological upgrade at the WVU facility allows for an athlete’s shot to be scored based on sound waves. With the advantage of a computer screen located at the shooter’s stand, team members can view the results of their shots immediately.

The system adds not only an advantage for Mountaineer shooters, but also improves spectators’ view of the match. A large projection screen was installed in the viewing room so fans could follow along shot-by-shot with athletes.

Another unique aspect of the range is the ability for shooters to work simultaneously. Team members can shoot in the smallbore position at 50 foot targets, while others can shoot the 10m air rifle at the same time.

Accompanying the many features of the range is a comfortable student lounge area where student-athletes can relax before and after meets. Other amenities include a gun room and a locker room.

Scoring Information

College rifle competition includes two events: air rifle and smallbore.

Air Rifle

Competitors stand and shoot lead pellets from .177 caliber guns at targets 10 meters away. The bullseye, or 10-dot, is one-half millimeter wide (about the size of the period at the end of this sentence).

The Rifles: Air rifles can be either air or gas-powered and can weigh up to 12 pounds by NCAA regulations. The rifles have metallic sights.

Course Of Fire: With the new electronic targeting system, competitors have 105 minutes for 60 shots from the standing position.

Perfect Match Score: A perfect score of 600 is the maximum for air rifle.


In smallbore or three-position rifle, athletes fire .22 caliber smallbore rifles from the prone, standing and kneeling positions at targets 50 feet downrange. The bullseye is a millimeter (slightly larger than the size of a period at the end of this sentence).

The Rifles: Athletes shoot free rifles (weight limit of 17.6 pounds) that can be customized with special accessories and/or alterations that fit the shooter's size and preferences. The rifles have metallic sights.

Course Of Fire: Athletes fire 20 rounds per position for a total of 60 shots. The total time limit is 120 minutes.

Perfect Match Score: A perfect score of 600 is the maximum for smallbore.

MEGAlink Electronic Scoring Systems

The WVU rifle team received a grant from the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust in 2007 that allowed for the installation of this state-of-the-art electronic target system.

Directions To WVU Athletic Complex

From Pittsburgh, Pa.

By car: From Pittsburgh take I-79 S toward Washington, Pa. Merge onto I-79 S via EXIT 21 toward Morgantown crossing into West Virginia. Take EXIT 155 toward West Virginia University WV-7. Turn left onto CR-19/24 N/Chaplin Hill Road. CR-19/24 N/Chaplin Hill Road becomes US-19/WV-7/Jerry West Blvd./Monongahela Blvd. Continue across the Star City Bridge and through one traffic light. The WVU athletic complex is located on the right at the top of the hill and the Mountaineer Rifle Rangle is directly behind the WVU Coliseum on the top foor of the WVU Natatorium.

From Washington, D.C.

By car: From Washington, D.C. take I-270 N toward Frederick, Md. Merge onto I-70 W via EXIT 32 toward Hagerstown, Md. Merge onto I-68 W via EXIT 1A on the left toward Cumberland, Md., crossing into West Virginia. Take EXIT 7 toward WV-705/Airport/Pierpont Road. Follow signs to Stadium. At the second traffic light off the interstate, turn left and travel up Easton Hill. Travel through two more traffic lights and turn right on Route 705 and remain on 705 until it becomes Chestnut Ridge Road (two more lights). Remain on 705, turning left at the second light, until 705 intersects US-19/WV-7/Jerry West Blvd./Monongahela Blvd. The WVU athletic complex, including te Mountaineer ifle Range, is located on the right.