Strength and Conditioning Philosophy

- All training protocols are designed and implemented with the same underlying structure to ensure cohesion. With the stability of such an "umbrella" structure, the programs can experience any potential personnel changes without adversely affecting the comprehensive system.

- Provide the student-athletes with a consistent, safe and productive way of physical training.

- Devise a system following basic physiological principles of training using a direct, simple coaching approach measuring effort levels daily.

- Help guide the student-athlete to reach their potential by setting goals and monitoring progress at all times and where accountability is a constant.

- Increase physical strength of student-athletes

- Increase physical endurance

- Assess and improve static and functional flexibility when indicated

- Minimize weight room injuries

- Increase injury resiliency

- Improve communication between strength staff, sports medicine and sport coaches in defining a plan of attack and specific goals

- Develop objective goal program with student-athletes

- Increase work capacity in all aspects of physical training

- Develop specific conditioning programs for all sports

- Program recognized as a leader in the field