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  • March 19, 2013 08:45 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Mountaineer football players addressed members of the media on Tuesday night, following the spring football practice:

Darwin Cook
On the first week of spring practice
It has been really good when we put on the pads. The first two days, everybody just gets out there and runs around. It just feels good to be out there again, but it is the first two days of pads and the live period so that is the exciting part.

On the new scheme
It has been a good process. We are just taking it slow right now so everybody can get up to speed on it. We are just making it more simple and playing fast.

On the differences between the schemes last year and this year
It is just minor and a few tweeks here and there because everybody is still around here. We haven’t seen what the defense is really about yet. It is just the first couple of days, so we don’t really know what it is about yet. It is just simple right now.

Shaq Rowell
On being a leader of the defense
I just feel like I go out at practice and do what is necessary, and if the guys are having a bad day, I will just say some encouraging words and we are ready to play. That is pretty much it.

On the consistency of the defensive line last year
Last summer before camp, coach Slaughter was telling us how the media was saying that the D-line was going to be the worst and it is going to be our fault that we lose every game. We took it personally, to be honest. Coach Slaughter said it to us every day - you guys are the worst and you want to be first. That is what they are preaching now.

Our defense as a total was eighth in the Big 12. I thought we were 10th with the way we played. It was discouraging to see how we played last year. This year we are just working hard and training hard for spring ball, and we are just looking forward to better things this year.

On the similarities and differences between himself and Will Clarke
Will is more of a quite-type dude. He leads us in playing, and I talk and play at the same time. I am in practice having fun and talking to coach Holgorsen. Will and I are just day and night and different people. I just feel like when I get to talking, I get the whole defense going, like I did today. I was quite at first and became a little sluggish. I got to talking and cracking jokes with coach Holgorsen so we came out ready. I am the more vocal leader, and Will is the more (follow my actions) leader.

Brodrick Jenkins
On the first week of spring practice
It has been going good. We are practicing and trying to find a new identity, so we are taking what these coaches are saying and getting better and just trying to roll with it.

On the differences with this coaching staff
With coach Patterson, we got to touch on it during the bowl game. He gave us an insight of what it is going to be and what we have to look forward to. Now that we have seen it, he is just an old-fashioned coach that wants you to run to the ball and give effort and everything else will take care of itself. He just wants us to run to the ball and just give a complete effort and everything will take care of itself.

On (cornerbacks) coach Brian Mitchell
Coach Mitchell is a good guy and a guy with experience. You can tell from him coaching and being around him these last couple of months that he knows what he is doing. All he wants us to do is just buy in, and I feel like he is going to be able to take us to a good place this year.

Paul Millard
On the first week of spring practice
It is going well so far. We are five days in, and it has been a grind. We have a lot of new guys out there, a lot of new bodies and a lot of new faces, and it has been a lot of fun just getting out there and practicing with the guys and getting better each and every day.

On the drill with coach Holgorsen and the hit he got from him
That is probably going to be the hardest hit I am going to take this spring unless an accident occurs down the road, but it was just a good time down there today. We have done the drill in the past when Jake (Spavital) was here, and coach Holgorsen would have that dummy in his hand and he would be slapping us around. He gets pretty physical with it. I wanted to give him the ball one time and take a whack at him a couple times, but it has been a good time.

On how the reps are being split up
They are letting Ford (Childress) and I go at it right now. We are taking half and half with the reps, so it is all 50-50 right now, and we are just going out and trying to get better each and every day.

Pat Eger
On the differences under (offensive live) coach Ron Crook
The only thing different is that he brings something different a little bit scheme wise, and he coaches a little bit different. Between him and (Bill) Bedenbaugh, they both expect as close to perfection as you can get. They both coach being tough players, being hard-headed and nasty players up front, but the only real difference is they bring a little bit different technique wise.

On the competition this spring
Competition across the board is going great all spring so far. There are ones and there are twos, and no one has a spot as of right now. Everyone is fighting every day. I have Tyler Orlosky behind me right now, but if I take a wrong step, he is telling me and if Quinton (Spain) takes a bad step, one of the other tackles is telling him. Everyone is working together to make everyone better right now. We are having fun.

On moving to center
It is something that I have never played before. I didn’t even play it in little league or anything like that. It is just an adjustment now. The snapping was the biggest thing at the beginning and trying to get that down. I got it down through the offseason when I started doing it. As soon as you line up with someone in front of you and in your face, it gets a little bit different, but I am getting better and better every day. I am just going to keep working at it.

Dustin Garrison
On the first week of spring practice
Thing are going good. Personally, everything is going good. Weight room, class and everything is going as planned. Knee wise, I am completely healthy. I am doing everything everyone else is doing in the weight room and on the field. I am not really having any complaints.

On the new running backs coach JaJuan Seider
He is good guy. Coach Seider is a great guy. He knows what he is doing, and it is good to have him as a part of the group now. Like I said, he knows what he is doing. Coming from Marshall, he had a couple good backs and it is good to have him on board.

On the possibility of an increased emphasis on the running game
I really never thought about it that much. I know, like you said, a lot of emphasis on the running game seems like what we are going to do, but we still have a lot of great receivers coming up and are going to make some plays. Running backs are going to catch balls out of the back field and all that, so it is going to be alright. I feel like the passing game and the running game will be alright.

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