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  • September 15, 2008 12:43 PM
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Posted by Tony Caridi on Monday, September 15, 2008 (12:44 pm)
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Rambling thoughts as we prepare for a trip to the Rockies. Rather than having you scan the nearly 40 pages of games notes from the folks at Colorado, I offer a Reader’s Digest review.

  • Seventy four percent of the Colorado roster consists of players from Colorado, California and Texas—82 of the 111 players hail from those three states.

  • It’s tough to run on the Buffs in Boulder. The last opposing player to gain 100 yards there was Kansas State’s Alan Webb in November of 2004. In fact, the Buffs have allowed just six 100-yard rushers during the last 39 games. Hmm … this will be interesting.

  • Colorado coach Dan Hawkins has created a word: “conflama”. Hawkins uses the word to describe people who love to create conflict and drama. The term is used by the coach when people outside of the program choose to look at the negative without choosing to understand why something is the way it is.

  • Hawkins, who is 7-1 in games following bye weeks, believes the four most important positions on a football team are offensive and defensive lines, quarterback and cornerback.

  • Colorado true freshman running back Darrell Scott was considered the nation’s number one high school ball carrier last season. Scott has rushed for 93 yards in his first 24 college carries.

  • Scott’s uncle, Josh Smith - that’s right uncle - currently leads the Buffs in kick returns. Uncle Josh has returned four kicks for a 50-yard average.

    Colorado quarterback Cody Hawkins set every freshman passing record and total offensive record in school history last season – that’s every one of them.

  • For the first time since the inception of the Ralphie program (circa 1966), the university is using two different live buffalo mascots. Contrary to reports, Ralphie IV is still alive and working although Ralphie V made her debut in last April’s spring game.