Gymnastics Diary: Nicole Roach

  • November 24, 2009 11:52 AM
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by Shannon McNamara for MSNsportsNET.com
November 24, 2009

  The Turkey-Indian intrasquad meet is one of the last pressure-packed practice situations for the Mountaineers before their 2010 season opens.
WVU Staff photo

The 2010 season is quickly approaching. Everyone has been working hard pushing themselves through both practice and conditioning each and every day. Routines are finally coming together and we are all showing consistency on each event.

At last week’s Turkey-Indian Meet, we all pulled together, finished strong and had many hit routines. The goal this year is to forget the score and hit all of our routines - 24 for 24. Everyone fought through their routines and stayed on the equipment. This intrasquad meet put us in a pressure situation and gave us a chance to see what else we can improve on before the season really begins.

Many of the girls showed great progress at the intrasquad. Alaska Richardson handled the pressure of competing as a freshman with ease and is becoming more consistent on each of her events. Junior Stephanie Keaton has been working extremely hard on vault and it showed with a stuck performance during the competition.

One of the other positive things to come after the Turkey-Indian Meet is Thanksgiving break. We are all going home to enjoy time with our families and re-energize for the season. Preseason can be long and difficult, but we recognize that you cannot excel without doing the work in the weight room and at practice. Once we come back from break, we will only have a month before the season begins. With the progress that we have made so far, we believe that everything will come together by the season-opener at Michigan State.

Our team has a lot of potential to do great things this year. Everyone is very excited to get the season started.

Let’s Go Mountaineers!!

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