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  • August 18, 2010 08:02 PM
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By Tiffany Doolittle for MSNsportsNET.com
August 18, 2010

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia football coach Bill Stewart and running back and slot receivers coach Chris Beatty quotes from Wednesday’s fall camp:

Head Coach Bill Stewart

The Mountaineers had a scrimmage this afternoon and there was some positive, as well as negative things that the coaches will watch on film tonight. We worked on goal line right off the bat, did short yardage which was pretty good, we did two-point plays and then we let the young guys scrimmage.

On camp progress ...

Eain Smith had another pick today and Anthony Vecchio, a youngster form Morgantown High, also had a pick. J.B. Lageman knocked the ball loose and recovered it, but got a fumble. Offensively, Noel Devine was on top of his game and Stedman Bailey made touchdown catches. Daquan Hargrett and Trey Johnson both ran very good backup roles to Noel.

On Ryan Clarke ...

Ryan ran very strong in our goal line and our short yardage situations. He’s running hard, he’s in shape and he’s under 240, so he’s done a good job.

On Trey Johnson ...

He’s probably the strongest 170-pound back I’ve ever seen. He’s thin, but he’s fast. Just because you don’t look big doesn’t mean you’re not strong, so he’s going to be a pretty good one. He really ran hard today.

On Tavon Austin ...

I’m not going to put him in the back if he doesn’t want to be there, but he is a guy that can be in the slot or in the back field, and he is doing a good job. He knows that he can get that ball out there and shake them as he goes, but that’s way down the road.

On Stedman Bailey ...

Stedman Bailey and Ivan McCartney have made some great catches. Those guys are catching that ball in an acrobatic manner and doing a nice job.

It was a good day and the Mountaineers are working hard, so that’s good.

Running Backs and Slot Receivers Coach Chris Beatty ...

On camp progress ...

Trey Johnson had a great camp. He has a ton of potential and a great wiggle. He's a lot more powerful than he looks, and he’s got a frame. He’s going to be a much bigger man than he is right now so I’m happy with him.

I feel good with Daquan Hargrett and Shawne Alston back there, and they give us different things. Shawne’s a little more of an outside zone kind of guy, where Daquan’s more of an inside tackle kind of guy. So it really depends on what the situation is and where we are on the field, but I feel really good with both of those guys and what they can do.

On Tavon Austin and Jock Sanders ...

We’re going to put Tavon and Jock in the back some, because we wouldd be silly not to. Tavon needs to touch the ball and so does Jock, so they’re going to get their carries, and there will be some designed stuff to guarantee touches by them.

On Ryan Clarke ...

Last year Clarke wasn’t a very good blocker, and we showed him where he was struggling, but he understood that he needed to be more complete. It was more about getting the ball in his hands than blocking, but we’ve been working on that and I couldn’t be happier with the way he’s performed so far. His whole focus has changed, and you can tell that he’s matured a lot over the last two years.

When we look at our situation in the back, we have a lot that we haven’t had in the past with Matt Lindamood’s emergence and Ricky Kovatch being a solid player. We have enough back there to be confident with Ryan being our tail back and having people blocking in front of him.

I feel a lot better with our depth. I feel like we have as good of a running back core as we’ve had since I’ve been here, without question, and I wouldn’t trade what we have right now with anybody.

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