Football: Coach Dana Holgorsen Teleconference

  • By Brian Kuppelweiser
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  • September 11, 2011 08:41 PM
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West Virginia University
Head Coach Dana Holgorsen
Media Teleconference - Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011

On what he saw on tape…
It still has everything to do with blocking and tackling, The most basic and fundamental things that we are trying to do. We probably took a step back in terms of tackling. Offensively, we were targeted better, but now we have to take it a step further and start finishing blocks. All three sides of the ball are a work in progress. When you don’t do exactly what you want to do, you have to go back to the basic fundamental aspects.

On where the offense and the blocking stands …
We are targeted right, and I thought our effort was good. You have to finish people. We are just not good at that. Running backs and receivers, the guys with the ball in their hands, we are asking them to make guys miss. There were several times that they didn’t even make the guy miss that was being blocked. It is not just the finishing of the blocks. Tavon looks good with the ball in his hands at this point, but it is easy to say about him only at this point.

On not having an offensive player of the game …
Yes, we just couldn’t find anybody. I know that sounds crazy, but we couldn’t find anybody that played good enough to get the award.

On his focus on the positive and negatives …
We are not going to just sit here and focus on the negatives. The film doesn’t lie about all three sides of the ball. If we see something that is good and that we like, we are going to bring that up. It is our job as coaches to point stuff like that out. There was definitely more negative stuff than positive stuff. As players, if they don’t like that, then they need to put more positive stuff on there. The film doesn’t lie. Whatever a guy does on Saturday, you are going to able to watch it on Sunday.

On the tempo of the offense…
We are a work in progress. We may not even get that tempo this year. We are certainly trying as coaches. We are trying as players, our effort is good, but we are not there yet. It just takes time. Some teams jell quicker than others. Some units jell quicker. I would like to think that we can coach them hard this week and have them play well this week.

On how to up the tempo of the offense …
We are learning to play with that kind of tempo.It is not something that you can draw up and put on a piece of paper. You have to totally get it and understand how to play like that with the correct tempo and body language. Geno gets it and does a good job with it, but the rest of them are lethargic at times.

On Quinton Spain …
He played three snaps and then got rolled up. It was unfortunate because we went into the game wanting to play him a good bit and develop some depth. We wanted to see if he was one of our best five guys and see if he was a starter. He was in red tonight. He will have a few days of treatment before our Tuesday practice when we will know a bit more.

On pre-snap penalties and discipline …
We did have more penalties this game. One of them was a schematic thing. We had four holdings offensively which is all technique stuff. That can all be fixed. I will god back and talk about being targeted better, which is all coaching. We had two stupid special teams penalties. One of them was a late hit against Josh Francis and one was a clip on Matt Lindamood. It was dumb football. There hasn’t been any pre-snap stuff, which I’m pretty fired up about. We did have two substitution problems on special teams, but we addressed that. Other than that, we have been relatively good.

They are two different things. We talk about playing smart a lot, which is turnovers. I don’t think I have ever gone two games without turning the ball over. Defensively, we are talking about not being able to get turnovers. The other part of playing smart is the penalty aspect. You are going to have to live with some of the between the whistle penalties because of aggression and some technique stuff. The one thing we don’t tolerate around here is the pre-snap stuff.

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