Spain: Day 4

  • By Frances Silva
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  • March 27, 2012 07:08 PM
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MADRID – Sophomore forward Frances Silva, who has scored four goals in Spain thus far, writes today’s entry.

Hey everyone :)

Today was yet another awesome day here in Spain. We started our day early with some breakfast at the hotel before walking over to the bus to go on our tour for the day. We drove about an hour south from Madrid to Toledo, the old capital of Spain.

The old part of Toledo was absolutely beautiful with houses overlooking the river at the top of the mountain. Our tour guide told us the houses cost somewhere around $10 million, which we weren’t really surprised to hear because the houses were outrageous. Nicolette made sure to tell all of us that this was where she was going to find her future husband because they would be rich.

We stopped at one part of the mountain and took about a thousand pictures with each other...our team loves each other! We then walked through the old city which is beyond pretty once you’re inside, than when you’re just looking at it from the distance.

A main attraction was the cathedral that took only 400-plus years to build. The inside was absolutely incredible and the details were so precise, it’s unlike anything we could ever see in the United States. We also lit candles in the cathedral and said a quick prayer, which was exciting as well to say we’ve done that in Europe.

After the cathedral we went shopping really quickly through some of the stores in the town. Most of us got some gelato (this team loves food) which was outstanding.

On our way out we walked through the plaza and saw some guys dancing in the center square. Some of our freshmen were joking around and “challenged” them. I’m pretty sure Whitney’s Cat-Daddy dance was better.

After a few hours in Toledo, we drove back to Madrid and ate lunch (again, we like food). The bread rolls have been a really big hit with the team, as well as the awesome deserts we’ve been having.

A couple of us shopped after lunch and took advantage of the local shops near our hotel to buy some awesome clothes that we couldn’t find in the U.S. I went back to the room a little early to catch a quick nap before our game.

At around 6 p.m., we left for our second friendly of the tour. The game was quite an experience and I think it will really help us going forward because the style of play is so different here. And if we’re able to take a little bit of their game, and add it into ours, then we’ll have an advantage over our opponents.

After the game we had some pizza delivered to our hotel by our coaches and had a quick meeting. We then hit our rooms to pack up and get ready for our trip to Barcelona tomorrow. We’re all super pumped to go, but will definitely miss Madrid and how pretty it is.

Barcelona will be another great experience for us though. Anyways, hasta luego from Madrid :)

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