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  • August 14, 2012 11:50 AM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia University football player quotes during Tuesday's media session at Milan Puskar Stadium:

Freshman WR Will Johnson
On being a contributor as a freshman…
It is good to hear. I try to not pay too much attention to that and just focus every day on getting better, and I hope that my work pays off for me.

On why he chose WVU…
When I met coach (Shannon) Dawson, and then coach (Dana) Holgorsen came up, and I got to see the offense they ran and everything, I realized that it would be more versatile for me to play here then just put my hand on the ground and run a pro style offense.

On being one of the bigger freshmen coming into camp…
It definitely plays to your advantage to have size in football anywhere, but it just has been fun to know that my workouts in high school and everything have been paying off here.

Junior WR Stedman Bailey
On year two in the offense…
We have a better feel for what needs to be done in this offense. This is our second year in it, and we just know what coach Holgorsen wants of us and we know what we want out of ourselves. It has been pretty easy to pick things up.

On playing against the defense in practice and preparing for the Big 12 …
I think it helps them out a lot, and I think that it helps the team out a lot. There is a lot of competition going on out there. You got the one defense going up against the one offense. I know that our defense will see a lot of what our offense has to offer in the Big 12. A lot of passing and a lot of up tempo. I feel like that will help them out a lot.

On going up against two freshmen safeties in Karl Joseph and K.J. Dillon
Those guys will compete. They look good and they understand the game of football pretty well. I would think that they are getting the defense down pretty good, and as a result, that is why those guys are out there with the ones.

Freshman OL Tyler Orlosky
On how camp has gone…
It is different. Division I college football is definitely an upgrade from high school. Camp is going well. We are building a team bond, and the upperclassmen are really helping us get through what we younger guys have to do. They help us with the plays and our assignments and everything. So overall, camp is going pretty good.

On if the second week has been any harder…
My head spins a little bit trying to know the plays, but like I said, the upperclassmen help me get through it.

On what he expected coming into camp…
Coach (Bill) Bedenbaugh said that he would prefer to redshirt all his freshmen, so that is what I came in expecting. This is a nice little surprise being in the twos.

Freshman CB Nana Kyeremeh
On coach (Daron) Roberts…
I like coach Roberts. He knows how to make us work hard and make plays. He puts us in our position to be successful.

On studying film…
I watched a little bit of film in high school but not as in depth as we are doing right now in college. I think once I get used to the process of how to watch it the right way, I will get used to it.

On his wingspan…
(Coach Roberts) was telling me about it. He told me one time, ‘put your arms out.’ He said I have God-given abilities, and it is my physical stature, and once I know how to play with it, it will be good to see.

Freshman S K.J. Dillon
On how camp has been going…
Everything has been going good. I am just trying to get into the swing of the motion of everything. High school to college is a big transition, but everything has been going well. I just have to get better.

On running with the one team…
I didn’t expect it since (Darwin) Cook is in front of me, but when he went down, they put me in and I just have to step it up a little bit for the tempo. Practice was crazy yesterday. I wasn’t used to it, and it was harder, but today is a new day, and I have to get back up.

On what has been the hardest part…
Trying to catch up to the tempo and the transition from high school to college are two different things. The tempo is just crazy fast, and when I get that down, I will start slowing the game down in my mind and start relaxing and playing ball. Then, everything will come to me.

Freshman DL Korey Harris
On how camp has been going…
It has been good. Everyone is out here working hard and with multiple practices, we are just trying to get better because we want to win championships.

On adjusting to the tempo…
It is definitely different in high school. (Here) is so much faster, the way they just get up to the ball and snap it within 20 seconds. We are playing against a really good offense, too, in practices so it is really hard to keep up, but I think in time, we will be able to adjust to it and it will be really good.

On the physical challenges…
It is always a challenge because there is always someone that is bigger than you, but it is just the way that you look at it. If you look at it like I am going to get thrown around, you are not really going to come off the ball hard. You have got to just play as hard as you can and take it as it goes

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