Meet Leah Emaus

  • By Tim Goodenow
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  • August 21, 2012 08:35 PM
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With the 2012 season underway, WVUsports.com continues to get to know the 12 newcomers on the West Virginia women’s soccer team. Today’s edition features Webster, N.Y., native Leah Emaus.

What attracted you to play soccer at West Virginia University?
I really liked the area surrounding the school, and of course Nikki (Izzo-Brown) and her staff. I knew playing for Nikki would give me the best opportunity to maximize my potential with her coaching, the girls on the team and the first-class facilities.

With Nikki being from the Rochester area herself, how often did that come up during your recruitment?
It came up a lot. We’d talk about Rochester spots like Don’s Original, and Vic and Irv’s. It’s very reassuring to have somebody from your hometown to talk to. She already has a family-type atmosphere and is like a second mom to us, but having the hometown connection just adds to it.

Who has been the biggest impact on your soccer career and why?
My family has been supportive of me since day one. My parents would ask me what I wanted to do and then say ‘Great, go for it.’ Both my sisters were athletes, and still are. My brother is a national snowboarder. It’s awesome knowing that I can go after my goals and always have the support at home.

Of the teams not on our schedule, who would you like to play most?
I think it would be fun to play Syracuse because it’s close to home and I have some friends on its team. Plus, I’m sure it would be a competitive game which makes its fun to be part of.

How were your first few days of classes?
It went pretty well. I didn’t realize how many steps some of the buildings had. I didn’t think the transition from high school to college would be that difficult. But I was a bit overwhelmed when some of my classes had a few hundred people in it with me.

You started the first two matches this season, how do you think you performed?
I played okay, maybe somewhere around a B-level grade. I just tried to step up and offer what I could to a position of need. There is plenty of room for improvement, but it’s a good start.

Twitter or Facebook?

Ice cream or cake?
Ice cream

Heels, running shoes or flip flops?
Running shoes

Rent a movie or see one in a theater?
Rent one

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite movie: The Proposal

Loudest teammate: Sami Molina – she always has something to say.

Most fashionable teammate: Jess Crowder – she looked great yesterday on the first day of school.

Teammate with the best singing voice: Annalika Steyn – she can belt it out anytime.