ED Pastilong Football MVP Award

  • By John Antonik
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  • August 24, 2012 02:45 PM
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West Virginia officially announced that each year’s top Mountaineer football player will be awarded the Ed Pastilong Football MVP Award to recognize the many accomplishments of the school’s former quarterback, administrator and athletic director.

A formal presentation of the new award was made by WVU Director of Athletics Oliver Luck at the Milan Puskar Center on Friday morning.

Pastilong was West Virginia’s athletic director for a 21-year period from 1989-2010, and during that time he oversaw one of the most prosperous periods in school history.

The Mountaineer football team made three major bowl appearances, including victories over Georgia in the 2006 Sugar and Oklahoma in the 2008 Fiesta bowls, men’s basketball made a Final Four appearance in 2010, women’s basketball made numerous trips to the NCAA tournament, rifle claimed another national title, the school’s two soccer programs were revitalized, and West Virginia’s distance program in women’s track became one of the strongest in the country, just to name a few of the school's accomplishments under Pastilong's watch.

Pastilong also oversaw a number of capital improvement projects during his tenure that helped make West Virginia’s athletic program one of the strongest in the country at the time of his retirement.

“Ed spearheaded the growth of the West Virginia athletic department during his 20-year tenure as director of athletics from 1989-2010,” Luck said. “His vision helped guild, mold and shape the student-athlete experience into a positive one at WVU through his successful, across-the-board, total athletic program.

“The facility improvements under Eddie’s watch have been staggering. To summarize, everything we see here Ed has had a hand in,” Luck added. “That’s really unbelievable. There are really few ADs across the country with that staying power to literally have a hand in every structure that our student-athletes now enjoy.”

Pastilong said he is honored to have his name associated with the award that will be presented to the school’s top football player each year.

“I was real privileged to be a part of the 208 people who were a part of the athletic department,” Pastilong said of the school’s enormous success during his tenure. “I think it was one of the most wonderful teams in the country and the success that Oliver mentioned that we had over those years … I was just one of those 208 people and I’m indebted to them.”

Pastilong joked that he will have to pay even closer attention to the performance of the team now that his name is attached to the MVP award.

“I’m looking forward to the season and it will be a lot of fun as I make my own confidential selections of who I think it should be,” said Pastilong. “I’m sure it will vary from game to game, but I’ve got a few in mind and there are a couple who are sticking out already.”

“We’re delighted on behalf of WVU and all of the folks in our administration to dedicate the Ed Pastilong Football MVP Award,” Luck added.

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