Meet Maggie Bedillion

  • August 25, 2012 12:49 PM
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With the 2012 season underway, WVUsports.com continues to get to know the 12 newcomers on the West Virginia women’s soccer team. The final edition features Washington, Pa., native Maggie Bedillion.

What attracted you to play soccer at West Virginia University?
I fell in love with the campus on my visit, and the closeness of the girls on the team was really nice.

Who has been the biggest impact on your soccer career and why?
It would be my stepdad. He introduced the game to me and was my first coach. And then he coached me up until around age 12.

Was he excited for you to pick a school close to home?
He loved it. We would come down to Morgantown and watch games all the time. He would get so excited because of the level of play and the atmosphere of WVU games.

The jump from high school to collegiate soccer is a big one, what has been the biggest challenge in your transition?
I think I am adjusting well, partly because I am still close to home. I can get in the car and drive home if need be. With the soccer, the college game is so much more fast-paced. At the club level, you play at a pretty even level because the ages are mostly the same. Here, I’m competing against girls that are three or four years older.

Of the teams not on our schedule, who would you like to play most and why?
I would say North Carolina because they are such a powerhouse and have the tradition that even the non-soccer fan knows about.

Twitter or Facebook?

Ice cream or cake?
Ice cream

Car, Truck or SUV?

Rent a movie or see one in a theater?

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite movie: Man on a Ledge

Most athletic teammate: Bry McCarthy

Best singer on the team: Nicolette DeLaurentis

Funniest teammate: Kara Blosser