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  • September 18, 2012 09:27 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The West Virginia University football players addressed the media Tuesday night.

Doug Rigg

On the extra excitement from playing Maryland this week

There is definitely excitement, especially from the Maryland kids on the team. They really want intense practices. They really want to beat the kids that they grew up with. I’m not too far from Maryland myself. It’s definitely a big game. I’ve been around for two years and I know what type of game this is. I think the tempo will really pick up the Thursday practice before the game.

On playing their first BCS conference opponent this season
We really want to see how we stack up against another BCS team. Right after that we’re thrown into the fire of the Big 12, and there’s no looking back. We really need to put emphasis on this game and improve dramatically before we go into the next stretch of games.

On playing against Maryland’s young quarterback
Our crowd is going to play a big part in the game. We need to get after him. Once a freshman gets confident they can play like a veteran. We need to get after him in the beginning of the game. We need to confuse him early.

Andrew Buie

On playing a receiver role in the games along with carrying the ball

I just try to do whatever is needed. Whatever the play call is or whatever Coach Holgorsen asks me to do. I’ll do anything to help the team out. I feel that I can catch the ball well out of the backfield. That does give me another asset as a running back.

On how much his size has helped this year with his play
I feel that it has helped me in the sense that my body is healthier. I’m able to take more hits and my body won’t wear down as fast. I don’t feel banged up at the beginning of the week, versus last year when on Tuesday I’m still feeling hits from Saturday.

Pat Miller

On playing against Maryland’s young receiving corps

They’re really good. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean you can overlook them. As a whole, I feel that this is the best receiving corps we’ve seen so far this season. Marshall had good receivers too. These guys are fast and there are a lot of them, because they’re so young.

On what improvements he saw from between the first two games this season
We improved from the Marshall game to the JMU game. Now we have to improve from the JMU game to the Maryland game. Every game we try to improve. Brodrick Jenkins and I were both challenged to improve the last game, and I feel that we did.

On playing defense with a large lead in the past two games
It’s hard because it’s natural to feel ok because you’re leading. We have to work on keeping that mindset that the game is never out of reach. You always have to play the game like it’s 0-0.

Geno Smith

On the offense adjusting to the blitz

We touched on it during the game. It was a halftime adjustment. We’re improving on seeing it better. I think we have an understanding on adjusting to the blitz, but you can never be perfect on it. I took a few hits so there’s an emphasis on it this week. We’re trying to make sure I don’t take those hits. I’m trying to make sure I get the ball out of my hands quicker.

On the Maryland rivalry
It’s a pretty good rivalry, I’ve been a part of it for four years. I’m 2-0 so far, hopefully I’ll be 3-0. I know their guys are going to play us tough. I know we have a lot of guys from that area who have friends and probably family on the team. I know they always come in eager to play. We need to do what we always do and be prepared to fight.

On getting off to fast starts on offense this season
It’s been a pleasure for us to execute the game plan so early. We’ve been able to get a few touchdowns early and get ahead. We can give our defense a chance to pin their ears back and go after some quarterbacks. Coach Holgorsen emphasizes coming out ready to play, and we are going to try and keep doing that.

Tavon Austin

On his last opportunity to play Maryland in his career

It means a lot. I’m from there, and it’s a good feeling playing Maryland. My cousin went there so there’s always some bragging rights with him. I thank them for recruiting me and the opportunity to play there but at the end of the day I chose to play at West Virginia. It should be a good game.

On the playing the first BCS conference opponent this season
We’re still going to do what we do best and put up points. We still want to come out with a win. The media always says we haven’t played anybody yet so this is going to be our first challenge. We need to step up to the plate now and hopefully everything goes well.

Terence Garvin

On improving on rushing the passer

I’m getting better at it every day. When I go to practice I work on different techniques. I’m trying to really get a feel for it and find different ways to affect the quarterback. You’re always going to try to learn new things. I’m trying to learn new and different ways to do things.

What he hopes to see out of the WVU defense against Maryland
We’re trying to get better. We’re trying to get to the ball, make plays, and get turnovers. That’s what our coaches really emphasize is getting turnovers. We’re trying to get better and do what we have to do to win.

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