Mountaineers Are Gavin Strong!

  • By Eva Buchman
  • |
  • October 16, 2012 03:45 PM
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For Tasha and Chad Morris, Aug. 24, 2009, was a day they will never forget. Their son, Gavin, was born strong and healthy, and he filled their home with laughter and smiles. He also was a wonderful big brother to Greyson, his little brother who was born two years after him.

Together, the boys made the Morris family complete; they were the loves of Tasha and Chad’s world. Then in May, 2012, Gavin had what Tasha thought was an ear infection, but he was still in pain after his infection was cleared up. After rushing Gavin to the Charleston Area Medical Center, testing revealed that Gavin had a tumor in his brain. The Morris family was sent to Columbus for further testing, and a bone marrow biopsy confirmed his doctor’s suspicions: Gavin has a Stage IV Neuroblastoma.

On Sept. 25, 2012, Gavin had surgery to completely remove his tumor, which was located on top of his adrenal gland and was safely removed. After several check-up appointments, Gavin has been cleared to begin his sixth round of chemotherapy, which will require 21 radiation treatments and will last approximately six months.

Gavin and his family are die-hard Mountaineer fans, and they’ve come up with a saying to keep their strength renewed - “Be Gavin Strong,” and the Mountaineers have taken this to heart.

Several of the WVU teams have taken their own “Gavin Strong” photos to show their support for Gavin’s fight.

- WVU women's soccer
- WVU men's soccer
- WVU women's basketball
- WVU women's tennis
- WVU gymnastics
- WVU rifle
- WVU baseball
- WVU swimming and diving
- WVU rowing

We encourage all fans to take their own “Gavin Strong” photos and send them to the Morris family at BeGavinStrong.org.