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  • By Brian Kuppelweiser
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  • November 19, 2012 08:55 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The West Virginia University football team addressed members of the media Monday night.

Jorge Wright
- On the lack of favorable results and plays compared to last year
All of the games that we have lost, the guys are playing and working hard in order to try and get a win, but like you said, the ball hasn’t always bounced our way. It was pretty much the same last year in terms of effort, but we are not having the same type of luck.

- On the frustration with the recent results
It is frustrating. The nail biters, when you lose by one point or in overtime are especially bad, because you go home and wonder if you could have done something differently on a play. You always beat yourself up more when you lose like that.

- On how today’s practice went
Practice was good. We don’t really have time to think about the loss, because of the short week.

- On Iowa State
They’ve displayed some of the same tendencies over the past few games. They have big offensive linemen, and they really like to run the ball. It’s been the same over the past few weeks with them.

Stedman Bailey
- On how he found out about being named a Biletnikoff Finalist
Coach (Dana) Holgorsen pulled me off to the side during practice and whispered it in my ear. I automatically got excited, because it is a tremendous honor. It is a blessing to have my name with the other two finalists.

- On Tavon Austin not being on the list and how difficult it is to be a finalist
It is very tough, because as you all know, Tavon is having a great year as well. I thought that he should be on the list too.

- On his limitations with his injury suffered earlier in the season
I felt like I could have done a lot more damage. Obviously, an ankle injury is something that is very serious. It is tough to recover from, because it lingers around and is an ongoing injury. It still bothers me from time to time.

- On what he could as a running back in a situation similar to Tavon Austin
Not nearly as much as Tavon did. Tavon is such a special player. He was great as a running back in high school. He said that he felt like he was back in the old days of playing running back. It would be pretty interesting to see how I could do.

Geno Smith
- On the mindset of the team
We are strong willed around here. We have the right leadership in place, and we have the right amount of effort. We all want to win very badly. Guys are not going to hang their heads. We understand that we are in a rough stretch, but we know the only way to pull out of it is to win games. We are going to continue to prepare as hard as we can to put ourselves in situation to win on Friday.

- On the challenges of a short week
You just have to get back to work. I would think it is more of a challenge during a bye week, because you want to get out there and play as soon as you can. You could be hot or cold during that stretch heading into a bye week. This allows us to stay in rhythm.

- On Tavon’s performance this past Saturday
I don’t think you can put that in perspective. No one guy has ever shredded a defense single handedly. The offensive line got him to the second level, and that was all she wrote. He does a great job of bursting in and out of cuts. He makes guys on the second level that are really talented look silly. I don’t know how he does it. I know when he gets to the next level, guys are going to be impressed, because they have never seen anything like that.

Will Clarke
- On if it is strange not preparing for the Backyard Brawl
It is strange and weird. This is usually the time that we start preparing for Pitt.

I haven’t talked to any guys from Pitt this week, but I did earlier in the season. We talked about how it is weird that we will not be playing. Hopefully, something will get worked out to where it can be played again.

- On stretches during the game when things go wrong for the defense
The game is constantly a win-loss battle. I can’t point to specific points in the game, but there are times when I think we lose focus. We have to work on that.

- On limiting things that snowball on the defense when it comes to big plays
If there was one particular thing I could do to stop it, I would. I just try to stay in the huddle and stay in my teammates heads. I want them to stay focused and pay attention to their keys.


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