Football Player Quotes

  • By Jonathan Harkey
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  • November 27, 2012 08:26 PM
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MORGANTOWN W. Va. – The West Virginia football team addressed members of the media Tuesday night. The Mountaineers play host to Kansas on Saturday, Dec. 1, at 2:30 p.m. on Fox Sports Net.

Jared Barber

On the Kansas offense

They have a lot of formations. They basically run about five plays out of all those formations. We just have to stay grounded and disciplined. We need to tackle everybody and hold everybody in.

On the Kansas running game

Their running back is really patient. He makes guys miss. He’s also a pretty big back. He’s fast, and he also has a lot of power. He’s a great back and a great runner. He reads his line really well. We just have to tackle him, and we’ll be alright.

On the matchup of a strong running game with WVU’s run defense

I didn’t know until this week that they’re actually first in the Big 12 in rushing. I’m pretty excited to see how we will do since we’ve played well against the run this year. Their quarterback is a good runner as well. He makes good decisions. He reads his keys well. We just have to contain him.

Geno Smith

On where his competitiveness comes from

My competitiveness just comes from my drive to be the best at whatever I do. I hate to lose. I think that’s just part of being a competitor. It’s just the nature of the game. If you don’t expect good things to happen, then I don’t think they’ll happen for you, especially if you hate to lose. A lot of people just accept losing, and it’s hard to accept it and I never will, and I think that’s where my competitiveness comes from.

On what he thinks his biggest stride made over his career at WVU

As a football player, it’s probably that I’m not skinny anymore; at least not as skinny as I once was. Mentally, as a professional and as a person I’ve grown with years and age, and I think that’s something we all do, we all mature. I’ve been able to do it in front of the Mountaineer media, fans, coaches, and staff. It’s been good for me, it’s life-changing, it has helped me grow into a better, older, and wiser man, and I’m thankful for it.

On what he’s learned about WVU through his four years

It’s an experience that you have to go through. I think all colleges are. Coach Cogdell, my high school coach was an avid Mountaineer fan and former player. He would always take us up here for camps. It was just fun to be here. I was probably in 10th grade when I first came here. I’ve always known about West Virginia and always kept up with them, because they’ve been so successful. They would always play those Thursday and Friday night games that I’ve always enjoyed watching. Being here has helped me realize just how important it is to the community, to everyone around here, to the players, to the staff; from the cooks in the back to the people who help us with academics. It’s just an important program to everyone, and everyone needs to come together for it to work. That’s a blessing and a good thing about the program here.

Joe Madsen

On how he wants the WVU O-line to be remembered

Just as one of the most hard-nosed lines out there. We come in every day and do our job; we want to leave that legacy of staying in the film room and being the last ones off the field. This whole team has done great things and things that we will remember. That’s something I’ll be able to tell my kids someday. It’s been awesome.

On the senior class and what it’s been through over the past four years

We’ve stuck together. We knew that even with the coaching changes and moving to the Big 12 that we would be the same team that we’ve always been. We had to step up, work harder, and that’s how we’ll leave.

Darwin Cook

On how the changes at cornerback affects what the defense does

It changes what we do on defense, because we have to know who is out there on the field. Whether we are in cover two, we have to know how far to go up the hash. If you’re a good one-on-one man, then that matters as well. That’s the hard part about it. You can’t get used to it with everyone cycling in. But people just have to come in and make plays.

On Kansas’ offense

Kansas is a difficult team, because they have a new offense every week. They have about five different offenses they can use. We just have to prepare for every offense. We won’t know what they’ll be in until the first drive, and then we can put in our game plan. Coach DeForest has a nice defense lined up, and he’s kept it simple for us.